Project Resurrection Redux

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Dude...I could still just incinerate your guy with a blast of the Void Laser. Now I have an Outbreak survivor to incinerate. Leave me be.
No you ain't fool!
Fungal growth, the most OP spell in SC. I'll take meh chances.
I IS TOO! That b!tch died on that frost cover rock! Jake made sure of it!
Genes man, genes... >:3
He was a bloody pile of ash!
Ashy Genes. :P

Unless you want me to bring back Sol... She lovely, maybe I could have her masquerading as a Zerg because of...
Or maybe have her investigate...I mean, it would be more fitting.
Let's discuss this in DA.
I slip under doors and pass through walls. I notice a large machine-like being that moved like a man. I knew it was just an armor. I pass under it and start to crawl up its back, unknown to it. I wrap around two large containers on its back and start to solidify. I pull back off of it and tear the containers of slightly, and increase the force pulling back on it. He hears the creaking smashes into the wall and I slurp around to his arm and he aims the other at it and starts to dose it in flame. I move back around to the back and push the containers, and one falls off with me following. He reform and see the container leaking a dark substance and I kick it at the man as he fires up the flamethrower on the arm that had connections to a container and it blows up in front of him. I was sent tumbling far back from the force I recover and head over to the man, I saw both containers in shatters and the back of his suit mostly destroyed. I create a blade out of my arm and stab it into the very damaged armor on his back and start absorbing his DNA into myself.
OOC: Errrr CR, you need a mind that is still functioning to transfer into the egg. If it was just genes it would create some mutant Zerg.
Mecha, that's what Abyss is.
Yes but that's not the projects goal................ Its to place TERRAN minds into Zerg eggs. Think of the Starcraft DT Trilogy with Zamara.
Abyss was a human who the Zerg infested and mutated. From there, he adapted, as any Zerg would.
Yes but CR said his GENES were transferred, not his mind.
Why not learn about the genes of an infested warrior? More test results mean that they can develop better procedures... But what if he was the first one? And through him they found out a way to transfer minds?
There really wasn't much left outside of his genes, Mecha. Jake, one of my characters, made sure of that.
And he's a shell of his former self... Of course.
Well you guys are tough on me so I sadly will be tough and say no. THOUGH the Sol chick investigating sounds like a good idea. The whole gene transferring thing wouldnt work as gene4s and conciousnous is two TOTALLY different things. Any scientist can splice genes.
Sol, I can do that... :D
Time for ze fun! I needed something for her to do...

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