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just get me a sheet and you will be good to go :D

IC: I panic and start slithering around frantically. I eventually start to slash the walls in a frantic craze and eventually I calm down a bit and realize I made a hole larger enough for me to go through and a squeeze out of the small room.
I stop about to my ship and return to the large room the Zerg had been in, finding only a strange Zergling with Terran speakers on it. "I shall have pity on you, Terran." I walk up to it and decapitate it, killing it instantly.
I smash the last of the drones, and waddle out into the next room as fast as I can. I needed to escape away from here, and find my way home.
Name: Ex Lieutenant Sol
Sex: Female
Appearance: Caucasian, 5'7, Slender and Athletic, Hair is in a bun and is Auburn Colored, Eyes are a golden color. Slight tan look to her face, rough ridges down her spine.
Equipment: Combat Knife, Gauss Pistol, light-weight combat suit hat would remind someone of a cat suit. It slightly durable but more used for sneaking around.

Background: She quickly rose in rank, she was also a highly trained Commando that the Confederacy sends on highly classified missions. Her latest mission was to board the Mining Ship and disable it.


Defected from the Confederacy after the controversial mission that was in effect. The whole truth didn't come out, but she came out with something... Interesting. After the whole "Outbreak" incident, she came out slightly Infested. And thanks to a kind Protoss that saved them from purification, they gave her a second chance to live by allowing her to control her new instincts and gifts.
OOC: You are accepted CR

IC: As I slither along I see the large shape of a Queen near a bunch of wreckage of a bunch of security drones. Through instinct I realize the Queen could offer me protection and I call out to her.

@SF: In the hanger you see many Herculeses with scientists and other personnel trying to evacuate
Koro, I'm giving you til the middle of page 14, then your Defiler is dead.
I slurp across the ground after successfully processing the suited mans DNA. I shift forms and appear like he looked, armor and all. I start running towards the scientists and speak to them, perfectly matching his voice. "I was told to come with you and offer protection."

They nod and say, "Well come along." Heading into the Hercules. I follow behind, smiling. So many targets, so little time.
OCC: Mecha, I'm past the drones already, kinda heading around to other spots.

I enter the next room, and see security guards. I attempt to call out to them, but they begin to shoot at me, so I kill them, letting out a physical and psionic scream of rage at them.
I follow the Queen, trying to contact her as I slither towards her.
ummm guys???????
From an undisclosed location somewhere in the station, the Infestor 'watches' as its work slowly progresses of its own accord. Creep is covering much of the station now, and infested Terrans are on the move and multiplying rapidly.

Meaning only one problem remains: the Dark Templar. All Infested are ordered to locate a Drone, for such a discovery would greatly facilitate the Infestation.
Reaching the garbage storage area I had disembarked from my ship in, I note the creep and pull out a gift I was given by Zeratul should this outcome become possible. Filled with destructive energies from the Void, it was built to purge infestation. Setting it's timer for thirty seconds, I board my ship and take off, hovering nearby to ensure this place's destruction.
The Creep engulfs the device, quickly eating away at its exterior. Meanwhile, a group of Infested break down a door, revealing a roomfull of terrified scientists.
The device detonates anyways, killing the infested and removing the creep. Realizing that I cannot leave until the infestor is dead, I disembark in the security area, finding it full of marines with their guns pointed at the door.

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