Project Resurrection Redux

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I hesitated to push the button for I knew I would be condemming these people to death or worse.... Just then Dr Stalin's voice came out of the comlink. "Why have you not started the process Doctor, im beginning to think you are not as devoted to our cause as I thought." He barked. "Its nothing sir just a minor delay" I stammered. "Good so start it up." "Yes sir." With sweat beading my forehead I slammed on the buitton and heard the whir of the different machines starting up and knew if their was a hell I would be going to it.

HOUR LATER: I was in the bathroom stall and I knew what I had to do. I pulled up the and gun that I had smuggled in and raised it to my head. After muttering a short prayer I squeezed the trigger.

OOC: The Rp has officially started
My Void Seeker (Excuse the brain fart) soared towards the Terran research center, intent to discover why they persisted in such foolish ventures. Praying to Adun, I continued on my way.
I was the first to hatch. My fist soars through the membrane of my cocoon, and isle the opening to break myself free.
OOC: Errr Koro you aren't getting infested it's just your mind is being transplanted into a normal Zerg egg

IC: I reach the facility, my vessel cloaked and watch it from space for now. "Psionic resonations...what have they done?" I run a scan on the facility, attempting to define it's purpose.
OOC: OH, should've waited to know what zerg I am then... MY bad. This seems like a REALLY good RP and i got excited.
It's up to you on the Zerg, long as it's an in game strain...I think...
Make it a known strain but their is a lot of those
Finding strange psionic pulsations in the scan, I land in a garbage area and leave my ship, heading for a nearby door and cloaking. "Foolish Terrans...what have you done..."
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OOC: sorry, forgot about this...

IC: I wake in the body of a Defiler. Sleek, stealthy... Deadly.
@Korozain: You are in a relatively small room but their is room to move around. A letal arm with a camra on the end as well as other devices comes out of the wall it peers at you silently.

IC: I see through multiple screens that the first egg has hatched into a Defiler. I grin happily and await it's response to see if any of the hman mind had survived the process.
Name: Talena Cabot
Age: Unknown
Race: Zerg
Unit: Hydralisk
Gender: Female
Equipment: None
Backstory: If Talena had been psionic she would have made an excellent ghost. Instead she was given advanced hand-to-hand combat training. She served as a marine for quite awhile before being critically wounded in battle and sent to Project Resurrection.
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