Project Resurrection Redux

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I just got back from putting my daughter to sleep. Morph is waiting on you.
Morph u are accepted
EDIT: OOC: will our chars still be capable of human speech?

IC: I awake in some kind of .... egg? instinctively I lash out with my arms and rip the outside of egg open finding myself inside some kind of exam room? I look around the room and then at myself. What? I .... I .....
Infiltrating the compound, I move silently for some kind of information room, hopefully the main database. If nothing else, it would tell me the appropriate location for the data I wanted.
OOC: Lost you will not be capable with human speech though you will be capable with telapathy and while learning to talk with Zerg and Protoss is relatively easy Terrans will be much harder if they have no Psi power.

@Zarkun: You eventually find what you were looking for as you see a small steel door and through the window you can see a scientist catalouging data on a large computer. He is alone so it would be relatively easy to sneak in.

IC: I see another egg hatch into a Hydralisk and my heart does a happy twirl. I decide to see how it reacts to the same device I used for the Defiler who was sadly showing little response so far.

@LostMorph: You see a large metal arm come down from the ceiling with a large camrea on it as well as many other scientific devices.
You got me sentimental.

Wfawwer would have been an overlord.
AWwwwww your so sweet Zanon!!! Have a kitten!!
I stare at the device and try to poke it with one of my scythes.
As I wake up, I sense myself in a large egg. After a moment of confusion, I burst out of it. The air feels good, but...

OOC: Make me what you wish to be, but I'd prefer to be an Overlord, just because Zanon got that in my head and it sounds fun.
Dac your the one who chooses what u r
OOC: You can be an Ovie dac its your choice.
I slowly slip in the door, watching the Terran scientist carefully to ensure he doesn't notice me. Once I was in, I come up behind the Terran and lightly push on his mind, making him pull up the information I wanted.
OOC: It looked like you chose for Morph.

IC: I realized that I was floating up towards the ceiling after about three seconds, and quickly wished to get down. That's when I realized what had happened....I was in a bad dream. Right?
@LostMorph: The device suddenly flashes read shoots puffs of air at you. Trying to see your reaction

IC: I see another egg hatch into an Overlord. "This experiment is working better than I imagined!!!!"

@Dacder: A large steel arm comes down with a camrea and other strange devices on the end and it watches you closely

@Zarkun: You soon have gotten a good idea about what the project is and the nature of the experiments.
I continue to float upwards, and see the steel arm.

"It's okay, it's just a dream...."
@Dacder: Suddenly a large mirror extends from the device and it points right towards you.
The puffs of air startle me and I instinctively fire several spines at the arm.
@LostMorph: The arm shakily retracts into the wall having suffered some damage. From the ceiling a smaller device comes out and sends out psionic waves like that of a ghost or commanding Zerg while recording any responses with multiple video camreas and devices that recorded brain waves.
I see an Overlord in the mirror...then I notice it's mimicking my movements.

What the hell...
I shake my head and walk away, letting the Terran return to his duties. Arrogant as well as foolish. Do they not know what will happen if Kerrigan finds out about this place?

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