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Dac: not .... a ....... dam ...... ling .......

IC: I look up and simply glare at the Overlord. I fire a volley of spikes but intentionally miss ..... barely.
OOC: My bad, edited.

IC: I then take control of him once more, stapling the message, " I <3 Ovielords." into the wall with his spikes.
Again I ignore the idiocy of the Ovie and go back to eating. {You can't control me fool.}
Simply to spite the creature, I then proceed to control him once more, forcing him to vomit out the food he'd already eaten all over the food that was left.
Again I ignore the overlords commands but this time it has gone to far and I send two volleys of spikes for the things face.
They hit me, but I shrug it off. I was far, far too big to get hurt by pesky spines. I then go down, and pick up the Hydralisk. I take him as far up as I can, and communicate with him.

"Do as I ask or I'll drop you, and then you'll look like the food you've been enjoying."
"and why would i do that?"

OOC: ....... Talena is a girl though ...... not sure if it matters with zerg ......
OOC: It doesn't.


"Because otherwise you'll be splattered on the ground below."
"Or so you would think I know hydralisks can survive falls worse than 40 maybe 50 feet, which is as high as you can go in this room. And I can break my fall with the trees."
"But I'm about ten times your size, I would just crash to the ground with you underneath me, smashing you like a cockroach."
"But I can move a lot faster than you can and I could keep firing spines at you till you die but I dont feel like it."
Mecha, quick question: Can there be a Queen?
OOC: also ...... need security intervention before I murder Dac or [Data corrupted]
Name: Called Savage, true name unknown.
Age: Unknown
Gender: N/A Terran gender unknown
Unit: Psionic Changeling (I am bringing back the most feared being of all time.)
Equipment: Its own body and Psionic properties.
Appearance: Can look like anything, prefers the form of a harmless looking Larva.
Backstory: No data collected.
Name: Brianna
Age: Unknown
Race: Zerg
Unit: Queen
Gender: Female
Equipment: None
Backstory: The daughter of a Biologist and Geneticist, she was going to follow in the foot-steps of her mother, if not for the intervention of Mercenaries who stole her away from that life, bringing her to Project Resurrection after she suffered injuries from walking into a gang conflict.
OOC: Yes Jester their can be a Queen if you really want to be one. Also Gender would matter in terms of the way your telepathic voice sounds and your spirit.

IC: I pondered to myself why nnonne of the 3 erg were particularly frightened that they were well, Zerg!!!! "It might be that they have no memory of their Terran lives so they think they were born naturally or they may be stuck in a dreamlike haze, ohhh the possibilities are endless!!!" I thought to myself. I saw the Overlord trying to gain dominance over the other Zerg and chuckle but make sure to stop them before they kill eachother which would be a tragedy.

@Lost@Dacder: Two security drones fly out of the ceiling and hover of the two Zerg before delivering and extremely painful electric shock and then they flew away quickly.

@Zarkun: As you crawl through the vents you see a large room with what appears to be 3 Zerg as well as grass and a few trees through a small opening which funneled air into the room. However the cover would take a good beating to be sliced open or busted off.

OOC: SF and Jester you two are accepted

@Shadowfury@Jester: You wake up in a smal room before it is quickly flooded with a sedative gas. You later wake up in a large room with grass and a few trees as well as 3 other Zerg.

IC: I knew I was taking a risk with the Queen Egg (I knew what it was because Queens spawn in different eggs than other Zerg) but it was a worthy one in the name of science. The Changeling looked interesting though and it would be fun to study.

OOC: will be fun to see Dacder's Ovie get usurped by Jester's Queen LOLOL
I navigate above a room and look down, and notice that the three hatched Zerg were now in one room, with meat in the middle. Would it be foolish of me to spare them a horrible fate? I shake my head, noting the difficulty of getting in, and continue on, dropping out in an empty observation area over looking the room.
I might join... And I was going to be a Defiler... Until I found out that Koro was one. So I need to find one that is original and not taken nor easily pacified by something stronger than it.
"Thank you, time to work on a opening post."
The electric shock goes straight to me, and I suddenly drop, the hydralisk dropping with me, it manages to wiggle out, landing safely, while I plummet to the floor, dead.

OOC: Quitting the RP.

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