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I chuckle at the security detail. I didn't need to be in his room to pry into his mind. Reaching out, I easily find it and begin searching for something I could use...
IC: Even though I was no Psi user I was trained to detect things trying to pry into my mind and something was trying to do just that. I viciously fight back as well as pressing the emergency button on my computer and soon red lihts are blaring and every hall is filled with Marines and combat drones.
I easily suppress the resistance and pry further, while convincing the Terran to announce a false alarm. All I needed was the Project's purpose....
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OOC: Damn, lot can happen in a few hours... So... Where am I? (Had some stuff to do yesterday and then went out so didnt get to do much. Should be active more from here on out.)
OOC: Koro we are all currently in a room with vegetation and a couple piles of meat.

IC: I go off and sit in a corner not wanting to get shocked again.
I waddle/walk into another part of the room, and see the meat. As I walk over to it, several thoughts go through my mind, not thoughts of my own that seemed to be linked to my body.
{Where is the hatchery.........Why does the ground not feel right........Where are the drones....?} I stop suddenly, not remembering what drones my body is talking about, and I try to figure it out from my memories. I try to bring something up, but nothing comes from my memories. I shrug, my body refusing to do that, then I continue to walk toward the meat.
I quickly switch my form. This being insectoid in the area of having a carapace, but somewhat like a mammal in body shape. I take note of the two large scythe like arms coming from the top if my shoulder blades and sprint forward, and climb over the being I saw earlier to get to the food that I could smell keenly.
I slither around, not wanting to encounter with any of the others.

Where am I...

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I feel like trolling this for some reason...

OK, I'm going to be an Infestor.

The Infestor (no name).
Formerly a Marine, got his brains blown out. As a result, he apparently has no memory of his past life, and is controlled by the Infestor's instincts.

The Infestor claws at the egg, tearing its way out into the open.
Why not rejoin...

Name: Sid Manuel
Age: 3 in human years.
Gender: Was Male
Backstory: Was a small child who accidentally found himself in the experiment.
Sorry mecha but I honestly see no reason to remain in this RP ...... also I see no reason for this RP to even exist. I will NOT be returning or paying any attention to this RP any longer ....... bye.

IC: All my memories suddenly flood back into my head. I shouldnt be in this body I should be dead or on some operation table but not in the body of a Hydralisk. I rush forward towards the other Zerg i had seen earlier. When I am close enough I start firing volley after volley of spikes at the other Zerg. Climbing to the top of one of the piles of meat I start to impale my self with my own claw/scythes. I fall over dead.
Before the experiment, I had little understanding on life. I was your average 3 year old...

But now that's changed.

I awoke in my cocoon, and managed to push myself out, but only barely. I felt different, but somehow understood I was a Zerg.
The Infestor's mind gets to work instantly.

Situation determined: captured by Terrans for experimentation.

Determining goal priorities...

Priority 1: Escape.


Commence infestation of Terran facility.

It looks around.

Initial checks show that escape will be difficult or impossible. Begin infestation.

Further inspection reveals the body of a Hydralisk that has apparently been caused to kill itself in some way. The Infestor scurries onto its corpse and gets to work.


Evaluating available nutrients...


Analysis: this underling cannot be salvaged. Reprocessing...
Suddenly, I, was it? Yes....suddenly, the more I thought about it, the louder it became, was I insane? I was a 3-year old....but...

I recognized the tune somehow, it was Sweet Home Alabama, ( then I realized the horrible deformity I'd been born with.

I was a Jukeling.
As the Infestor began processing the disabled Hydralisk, it heard a sound.


Analysis complete. Terran music identified. Identifying source...

Source identified: modified underling. May require reprocessing.

The Infestor finished its gruesome work, the Hydralisk was completely gone, leaving the Infestor bloated.

Next action determined: determine order of control. Contact other Zerg and locate local Overlord.

A quick mental scan showed no Overlords in the area, and strange, foreign minds in place of Zerg thoughts within the Zerg bodies.

Conclusion: Terrans are experimenting with altered Zerg consciousnesses.

Conclusion 2: I am a failed experiment.

Conclusion 3: Infestation may have to be carried out without additional support.

Next action determined: Begin necessary mutations...

The Infestor began to weave a slimy substance around itself.
IC: Thee detail suddenly slipt froom my mind, [i]The Project's purpose was to revive wounded soldiers almost like the Protoss had done with their own ad create a powerful force which could be used to crush Rebellions and create the possiblity to transfer a mans mind to a machine[/i
I see the strange being with speakers on its back and give a look of confusion before bursting out laughing, except, it wasn't laughing, it was a strange half way between growl half way between hissing sound. What in the hell..? I switch my form to another Zerg in the area, it seemed to have strange tendrils coming from its mouth and a very bloated body, with some sort of spiked device on its butt.
I don't mind the thing laughing, and instead just go up and eat the food. It was alright, but a little salty.
I rip off a bit of meat for myself, before attempting to eat it. I bring the food up before I realize I don't have a mouth. I dropped the meat, wondering in panic how I was to get nutrients before my body answers it for me with a series of questions:
{Why is there no creep....How will we feed the Larva....Where are the larva.....?}
I hear music playing, but am still too panicked to notice it.

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