Project Resurrection Redux

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The Infestor finishes creating a cocoon and begins morphing inside. Who knows what strange mutations it has in mind...
I shake my head in disgust and I slip away, heading for the Armory to begin sabotaging things. Terrans are more foolish than I thought, especially the Dominion. I cannot allow this to continue.
KO, you can't guide your own Infestor into new mutations. You need something like a Queen or an Overlord to do so.
I grab the meat with my two front paw like things and tear it apart, eating. Whatever I am, eating is just a pleasure. I do not need this to sustain myself. I then notice something, something as if instinct. But for myself, unlike the rest of these things, I can use it as an option for sustenance. I note.
IC: I felt the pressence had left my mind and I was deeply disturbed. "Probably one of the many ghosts the Dominion has obviously stationed at the facility. I go to look at the mutations and my eyes started to twitch as I saw the Zergling withe speakers "!@#$ing Earl." I thought to myself. I saw the Infestor and looked with interest though knew that I should be wary.

Zarkun: You do find the armory though it is not filled with enough weapons to do serious damage to the facility though from the thoughts of a nearby scientist you realize if you sabotage the main power generator it would cause havoc and the facility would be overrun by the many Zerg kept their while giving you enough time to get out.
I consider my options. If I were to allow this place to be overrun, the Dominion's research would be halted. However, it would also alert the Queen of Blades to the places existence. "I can't allow that, not yet." Moving to the power core, I prepare to sabotage it in a less hectic manner.
@Zarkun: You do find a large container full of some EMP rounds which had been left unlocked. They could be used to cause a temporay failure of power core.
You know...nevermind, I lost my train of thought.

IC: Grabbing some of the EMP rounds, I leave the armory and head for the power core, debating the best way to do this.
Zarkun: When you reach the powercore you realize its heavily guarded with security drones and a few marines. You also see a few robots removing what appear to be a sort of fuel rod. If you took one of them out and stuffed some EMP rounds were they were supposed to go ou could temporarily disable it.
I move quickly, using a round to temporarily take out the robots and put the remaining rounds where they need to be and moving away, reaching the doorway as the robots turn back on and resume their work. That should do it.
The EMP rounds suddenly detonated knocking out the generators and soon the whole place went dark. The back up generators were all trying to make sure the power core did not overheat. Most of the built in defense systems were offline and without these the guards and the undamaged drones were spread thin...

IC: Suddenly everything went dark. "What the....." I activated my emergency walkie talkie and spoke into it "I need guards down at the Eden complex!!!!! The Zerg in their are no dumb animals and wthout the security drones to keep them in check they WILL escape." "Sir I can not spare any troops as a Brutalisk has just escaped and we are barely holding it off as well as containing the other Zer... AGHHGHHH *roaring can be heard before a large squshing sound that sounds to be flesh is heard*" "!@#$!!!!!"
I move quickly, moving towards where they were keeping the more feral Zerg. They were the threat, not transplanted ones. Those were simply unfortunate. "Terrans and their foolishness. When will they learn..." I activate my warp sword, just in case I need it before I reach the area.
I eat some leaves off of a shrub and a fruit. Very sweet. I don't trust the meat here... It smells old....
As the lights go out I switch forms to a large pitch black humanoid. Two blades sprout from each palm and I charge at the wall. I stab my blades into it with extreme force and start attempting to pull open a small hole. I succeeded. I form into a flowing liquid and sink into the wall and see the small hole on the other side I flow through there and reform. "Freedom at last. It smells sweet." The blades retract and my mouth opened into darkness, except for the teeth, the shining white teeth.
I spot the changeling and curse. I should have known that would happen. "Halt, Terran. You know not what you do." I remained cloaked, but bring my blade to the ready position all the same.
I stare at the new being and turn into a liquid form and flow across the ground up into the nearest vent. Once in I reform into the mammal/insect being, which I now recalled being called a Zergling and run through the vents and emerge out of one and see some human guards. I land on ones head and deform into the liquid substance and start to cover its entire armored body. I start moving the joints and aim the gun at the other men. I pull the trigger and start to spray uranium spikes into them.
I curse and move quickly. The power would be back on soon and I needed to slay the feral Zerg first. You've reached a new level of insolence, Arcturus Mengsk...
I see the lights go out, but my eyes pierce the gloom with little issue. Unbidden, a need to escape rises, and I begin to look for a way out along the walls.
OOC: Sorry I havent been here

@Jester: A blast knocks you back and blows through the wall. As you get a close look you see that a large Warbot is battling the escaped Brutalisk. Even though it is the only thing that has not been destroyed instantly it is slowly losing as the much more efficent beast sprays acid and claws at the robot.

IC: I hear the beep of my comlink and quickly pick it up and a shakey voice responds "Sir I have good news and bad news. The good news is that almost all the Zerg have been contained. The bad is that the Brutalisk is still unrestrained and it err...... tore a hole in your special containment area. Troops are alr.."

I slam the device onto the floor and seethe angrily. It was just one big cluster!@#$ that only I realized was really serious and was NOT going to be handled easily by some guards.
Reaching the Zerg pens, I see that only the Brutalisk is still loose. So foolish. Thinking to control a Brutalisk. I leap down, landing on it's head blade first and sliding down it's back, killing it. Spinning around, I fire a void laser through the robot, destroying it. I then leave the area before more guards can arrive, heading for the main entrance to the containment area.

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