Project Resurrection Redux

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Seeing my chance, I move as fast as I can through the hole that the other creature made, attempting to get out of this place.
I form a blade and stab it into the body I was covering before reforming. I look at the bodies. "Such a waste." I start absorbing the bodies into my own form, their very DNA composing into my own.
The Infestor emerges from the Cocoon looking a bit more bloated than before.

Situation has changed. Analyzing...

Analysis complete. Escape may now be possible.

The creature crawls towards the tiny hole created by the Changeling and tries to enlarge it, unsuccessfully. A simple attack failing, it instead burrows into the solid metal with relative ease, passing through and reaching the other side. Once there, it sees a strange creature.

Identification complete: Protoss. Threat level: High.

Not wanting to deal with this enemy, the Infestor heads for a ventilation shaft, burrowing into it. It soon finds strange slimelike substance absorbing a Terran.

Identifiction complete: Changeling. Threat level: None.

The Infestor exerted a priority exertion on the Changeling, mentally ordering it to stop, an order not easily disobeyed, then began consuming the Marines one by one, infesting them.
IC: I watch in horror throw the Warbot's security cam as a dark shadow jumps on top of the Brutalisk's head and taers it open before blasting the Warbot to pieces. I pick up the comlink and speak throough it. "Attention all personeel we have a Protoss on board, stay on high alert."
I move swiftly, avoiding as much confrontation as possible and using Shutdown to kill the recaptured Zerg. Soon these Terrans would have nothing left.
I stare at this new creature and reform into the black humanoid. "Who do you think you are?" I yell and with a blade arm stab at it. "This is my DNA to consume! MY EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS!"
Your intentions must be redirected. I represent a higher priority. Now, fulfill your function and infiltrate the Terran establishment. The Swarm must control this structure.

The Infestor swallows the last of the Marines.
I stab into the creature. "I bow to no one. I am free to do what I want. Now get away, before I destroy you."
IC: The power comes back on and I sigh in relief. I send out squads of marines and security drones to surround the Feral Zerg area. I also sent out several taser drones to deal with the sentient Zerg.
I sigh as the power comes on and use another Shutdown to kill the last of the feral Queens. That would set back the Terrans a long time. Then I moved into a shadowed hallway, avoiding detection.
I see the first of the machines coming at me, and with fury, I smash the first drone that gets near me, and attack any of the drones that attempt to get close.
IC: I watch as the Protoss slaughters countless Feral Zerg and chuckle. "Still hasnt found the egg compound or the sentient Zerg."

@Jester: A few of the taser drones fire large anchored cables into your flesh and start pumping in paralyzing volts of electricity.

@SF@KO: A bunch of Security drones fire their electrical anchors at the Infestor while a few specialized ones fire blasts of liquid nitrogen at the changeling to slow it down while another one readys a large jar like container.
Hehehehehe...wait, I'm cloaked. You can't see me. Period.

IC: Continuing down the hallway, I find the egg chambers. "In the name of Adun and Tassadar, I put an end to this Terran foolishness." I fire the Void Laser, destroying egg after egg. "You will not corrupt yourselves, so long as I live."
@Zarkun: Suddenly you are surrounded by a bunch of marines and security bots, all with scanners to detect you though your cloaking field.

IC: I smiled at the Protoss fool "The stupid fool thinks that killing the Ferals will hurt us. WE will just regrow them for all I want is the sentient Zerg." I say to myself.
Mecha, you realize they cloak with the power of the Void, right?

IC: Sighing, I look at one of the Marines. "You have had your chances, Terran. Now, I must kill you all." I blink out of the circle, appearing behind the marine I'd looked at and running my blade through his chest. Leaping up from there, a quick burst from the Void laser destroyed the drones and the rifles of the remaining marines. Landing, I stare them down, my eyes glowing red. "Flee, if you dare."

OOC: Cookie to whoever gets the reference.
The few non rescoed Marines ran off while the resocs pulled out their grenades and sidearms.
I shake my head. "You had your chance, fools." Blinking, I pull the pin on the grenade in a marine's hand, blinking away and letting it explode killing and wounding beyond use the others.

OOC: killed the funny.

Waitin on you as now the defenses are eliminated its your choice whether to get the head scientist or go for the Zerg chars
Well, I'm pretty sure there's really only a couple Zerg I could kill right of them being Dac, but he isn't here...I'll ask in the morning who wants to loose their Zerg. I know SF doesn't.
You could go after the head scientist.

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