To simplify a lot making new trainable units

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Personally, if those changes were added in the current editor, it could easily reduce a LOT of the issues that many SC2 mapmakers have on a common day making units :

1) If you modify a unit's/ability's/whatever's description, allow to create a button DIRECTLY (when appropriate) in the UNIT's description editing window instead of having to manually create the button, link it properly with the unit/whatever, hope you didn't screw up the description paths. Possibly allowing to select an existing button to use its description as well.

2) Allow from the unit itself to add it into a new or existing training ability then add it on the Training Structure's Command card to train. In addition, on the training structure's command card, it should suggest the button tied (if any) to the unit's description.

That would save a lot of time to mapmakers making new units and adding them to training structures.

That's opposed to be forced to select the training ability, add the wanted units THEN select the training structure to add the unit on its command card THEN searching the obvious wanted button to show on the command card.
These are both great ideas although both will require a non trivial amount of both design and engineering work to accomplish. We have had a goal for a long time to simplify linked object creation and modification. The object explorer and data navigator were both created with the explicit purpose of displaying the relationships between linked objects. We would like to extend them to better support modification and creation of links, as well as improving support for these operations in other areas of the interface.

Thanks for posting this and we will take the community support for these ideas into consideration when prioritizing tasks.

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