Fade: The Rise, Part 2

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(Sorry if it took so long for me to post this. The holidays have been keeping me busy lately)

Chapter 1- A White Canvas

The man sits on the chair, seeing the snow drifting around him. He holds his rifle tightly, as he saw something move in the distance. With his finger on the trigger, he slowly gets up.

"Hey! I see you!"

The figure far away stops, then turns. It was humanoid, but it simply stared at him. A rifle was in its hands, but closer observation showed that it had a hard time standing up. It was probably another guard that drank too much.

"Get your drunk @ss over here. You know you shouldn't be out there!"

The figure simply stares at him. Annoyed, the man starts to walk towards him.

"For the love of........ Why do I have to- HOLY SHI-!"

Now closer, he sees that the figure had glowing, green skin on its face. It was an infected. It shrieked when it charged at him.

Hesitating for a moment, the man pulled the trigger. The infected stopped as it was getting shot, falling down as the bullets started to attack its vitals. It twitched as it spurted green blood on the snow.

The man breaths heavily as he starts up his radio.

"HQ....... I have an infected over here."

"We'll send those people from Bastion to your location when they get to the checkpoint."
OOC: YES! Waiting on Zarkun, but YES!
OOC: YAY!!!! though you need to get all the char sheets together ...... ill get an IC up shortly
IC: The conversation between Sahna and Jason fades out as I drift into a dream. I’m flying, Jason on my back, the land speeding by far below. I look to the sides and see other dragons but they are just silhouettes. I scan around but there is nothing. From seemingly nowhere something hits me in the side and we plummet towards the ground. I recover in time to keep from slamming into the ground at full speed. Landing Jason gets off me and we start fighting something. During the fight my body feels different but I can’t see myself. After what seems like an hour I look over at Jason and in the moment of distraction whatever it is that I was fighting strikes me in the side and I see Jason turn and yell something but the dream fades.

I spring away from Sahna, growling and teeth barred. Realizing it was just a dream I calm down but continue to shake. {S-sorry I …. I had a bad dream ….} Turning my head to Jason I ask How much of that did you get?

OOC: only fragments got through the link to Jason. The sensation of flying, a bit of the fall and the fight, the last moment or two of the fight did not get through.
I have a look of surprise on my face from the sudden movements, and look in curiosity at Arcis.

"Is she okay?" I ask Jason on top of my previous question.
OK Dac two .... maybe three .... things. One arcis is is a girl ....... two she jumped AWAY from Sahna ...... three ...... Sahna sounds like one of those stupid moms from a crappy sitcom ....
OOC: Edited. For all of the above reasons. XD
I'm back! If a bit delayed.

IC: "Bits and pieces. She's fine, just a bad dream is all." I help Sahna up as we move again. It was a long trek, and the appearance of the snow wasn't helping.
I walk along beside Jason. I was still tired but after that dream I didn't feel like sleeping and the snow is .... intriguing.
I'm not the most talkative, trying to keep up and with my chest in it's weakened condition, I couldn't talk and draw in enough breath. After we go a little while, I start getting truly cold, but am still more bothered by my chest. Still, I trek on, not wishing to slow down Jason.

"It's cold...is Arcis alright in this weather?" I asked.
"Dragons would stay warm in the arctic, so this is nothing. Still, you're more of a concern with your chest. How's it feel?" I hear a moaning sound from some distance to the left and glance at Arcis. Infected. I grew up hearing that sound from the Deadlands. It's getting worse.
"Oh god, infected." I say, before turning to him, "It's not too bad, certainly manageable." I say, "We certainly don't want to run into infected until we have to.."
"They're disorganized and slow, a side effect of the cold. It's during the winter that our patrols go deeper into the Deadlands. The cold slows their bodies and minds."
I stop jumping around chasing snow flakes immediately. not ..... not good. {I can stay plenty warm Sahna though you seem to be rather cold.} I say moving closer to Jason and Sahna.
"I can manage, though I'm not used to the snow, back where I lived, we didn't get this cold of weather. We just need to get there as soon as possible, that's what really matters."
I nod, pushing forward and looking for the checkpoint that would mark we'd gotten there. "I'm use to it, and use my Es to help heat me up. Don't worry Sahna, we're close."
I follow, step for step still.

"Alright. Good to know. What...what are we doing here exactly by the way? If you don't mind me asking.."
"A town fell to the R virus. It's started here in the Plains. We're investigating everything we can about it's start." I spot a window up ahead and sigh in relief, recognizing it as the check point. "There's the checkpoint. We're close."
"Oh, good. Wait...started in the plains? Oh boy..." I say, my voice trailing off.

"How much resistance will we find?"
The sound of a foot stepping in snow is heard, and a curse follows it. I re-appear in sight, and sigh. "Honestly. I was better than this when I was younger." I shrug.

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