Fade: The Rise, Part 2

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I nod in agreement. "Arcis is right, your friend needs water if she's going to live."
{Oh yeah NOW someone decides to heed my advice.} I say sarcastically, while continuing to play with my small ball of fire and make different shapes out of it.
"We could always use the snow." I say, still out of sight.
I figured her friend cared enough to do it himself. "Mind getting us some? I don't trust our male Watcher friend."
No response is forthcoming. A bucket is picked up, and cloaks. The door opens, and then closes as I walk out to gather some snow.
Matthew looked up from his spot next to me. Water was what they both needed, and food... But the jerky the others had wasn't going to be enough. "Unfortunately we ran out of water on the way here... And the snow we couldn't melt without a fire, and we did not have any tools to create such a thing."
"It's a good thing too. Infected are attracted to heat when it's cold."
"It's a good thing that our home is naturally defended from such monstrous beings... Such a terrible way to go out of this world." He was becoming anxious, surely it couldn't take that long to grab snow?
I shake my head, amazed at the forgetfulness of the man. "That virus found it's way into the most secure places. How long before it finds it's way into yours?"
Matthew saw him shake his head. "I know it has... And I don't know though. All I know is that during the winters it will be impossible to send it through, since no one can enter or leave."
"I'm not even one hundred percent sure it's only bite spread."
The door opens again, then closes. A bucket appears on the ground near the group, and I say "Decided to make a detour."
"Where to?"
"A large crowd of zombies. Killed them all to let off some steam. Sorry to not leave any behind." I say sarcastically, leaning on the wall, and I de-cloak.
"I'm sure there are plenty more." I kept the revolver even with the other Watcher's head. He had plenty to answer for.
"I don't know what you are talking about. Any trained Watcher who has run into me would be able to copy my Es. And I am here to investigate the virus as well. In fact, I was just heating up my dinner." Tyson replies.
"Except you were the only other person to be going this way separately from us. Not to mention no Watcher can emulate another's perfectly." I glance over at his quiver and note the two arrows missing. "Not to mention exactly two of your arrows are missing. Used in the traps. Face it, you're caught."
"Actually I had to fend myself off from a couple of infected, dumb @ss." Tyson answers, annoyed with the man's ignorance of the infested. "And one cannot read another persons Es perfectly either."
"Really? Because there was no signs of dead infected. There'd be the sounds of feeding. And all we heard was moaning." I toss his arrow, the one that had hurt the girl, onto the ground in front of him. "I believe that's yours."
Tyson looks at it. "Ain't mine." He answers, his voice sounds like he was telling the entire truth. "And how do you know I didn't approach from a different route? Do you really think that you can just take one route to get here? There's 360 different directions for god sakes!"

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