Fade: The Rise, Part 2

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Matthew noticed Sahna, the Phos, entering the room, asking a sleeping person a question. "She's still asleep... And I'm going to reboil this water, might as well use it to help clean ourselves. And according to your friend... It will help us relax."
"Ah...alright. How's she looking? Is she looking like she'll....make it?" I ask sorrowfully.
He smiled, not truly showing his emotions. Something he learned to do for his 'plays'. "I don't know... She seems to look like she'll have the strength to last."
I smiled as well. Both in response to him, and to the news.

"That's good news. If there's anything I can do to help, just say it."
"I don't know... Unless you want to help comfort her? That's all we can do at this point." He reached for another warm rag, damp with the hot liquid that was mixed with the flower, he started to cleanse my body of dirt and grime. "If you want... You can go outside and fetch some native herbs and wild vegetables and I can make us a hearty vegetable stew."
I watch Sahna working and chuckle. Pity she lacks restorative Es. She'd make a grand doctor. Standing up, I head out to a nearby tree and look it over. It was beginning to show the signs of decay that came with the semi permanent winter here. "Tis a shame really..." I mutter as I walk off a ways, and do my business. Finishing up, I head back to the hut, listening to the moaning of the Infected. "How long..."
"I guess I'll go do that then." I say, before turning to go outside. I then wonder if perhaps Jason would want to join me, so I go to where he is.

"Jason, would you be interested in gathering some vegetables and herbs from outside?" I asked.
I come out of my thoughtfulness and look at Sahna. "Suppose it would be a good idea for me to help. I know the Grasslands best."
"Ah, good! I was afraid I was going to have to do it alone, and what lonely business that would be!" I answer. "Do you know of some plants to make a vegetable soup, and where they might be?"
My eyes slowly opening up to the world, a cough came from inside of me as my throat was sore and ached. I was back once more in the realm of the living, if not weak. "Whe-" Voice raspy as I couldn't finish the sentence.

Matthew had joy in his eyes, holding my hands as he sat down. "I was worried for you."
"Mushrooms are, but only take the white tops, not the black tops. Carrots...usually where there's more heat, like near the huts, or one of the few geysers. Same for potatoes. Unless you care to try a Frost Tater as I call them?"
"Alright. How about we split up, you get the carrots and potatoes, and I'll take care of the mushrooms?" I ask, suddenly starting to get cold, the missing bits of armor on my back really making a difference.
Noticing her shivering, I pull out a fire crystal. "Put this in your armor, it'll help keep you warm while you look."
"Thanks." I say, taking it.

"Good luck in finding stuff." I say, as I walk off. I soon find some mushrooms, pretty far off, when suddenly I hear moaning...and it was close. I turned around, only to see a good 15 zombies, chasing after me as fast as then can in the snow. They had somehow gotten behind me. I start running the way opposite, dropping zombies occasionally with my bow, but still being forced back. This keeps up for a long time, new zombies coming around constantly, until finally I kill the last of them...but then I realize the horrible reality of the situation.

I was lost, deep within the wilderness, with no clue on how to get back to where we were... I quickly make my way up into a tree, managing to climb it, but I couldn't see any sign of the cabin from there...I decided that I'd need to stay there, until the blizzard cleared up. The tree offered some protection from the snow, and quite a bit of protection from the zombies.

It had been about an hour, or maybe more since I'd went to get the mushrooms, and, up in the tree, I regretted my decision to go and look for those damn mushrooms...
I headed out, making sure to mark my location on passing trees to find my way back, and dropping the occasional Rombie. I chuckled at my use of dad's word, but figure it was a good name for the things. Finding a geyser, I grab all the veggies I can carry and head back, walking in the door. "Sahna come back yet?"
Matthew looked up as he was comforting a tired me, slowly giving me water so I would not choke on it, nor bring it back up. He shook his head. "No, I have not seen her at all after the two of you left to find ingredients for our lunch."
I yawn, waking up from my sleep. I hear that Sahna isn't back and I get up.
"Want me to go find her?" I offer.
I chuckle, not thinking anything of it at first. "Well, I did find a geyser fairly quick. She'll be back soon."
I nod, then take a seat. I get something out of my backpack and take a drink.
"We just need some mushroom and we can get started... What did you bring over here for us to stew?" As Matthew made me sleep again so I wouldn't waste energy. "The reason why I said vegetables is the fact that we aren't heavy meat eaters... At our home we do have Cows, Chickens, Lambs... But we don't eat them until we really need to. It's just a habit I guess. For why slaughter the animal for food when you can drink their milk or eat extra eggs?"

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