Fade: The Rise, Part 2

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"Because most of us also raise animals for meat exclusively." I hand him the carrots and potatoes and go check on Arcis, who'd fallen asleep again. "Man, is she tired."
"No... What I mean is why slaughter them int he mountains when we need to conserve our food supply by keeping the animals alive? We don't have the extra feed to raise animals for meat. We raise them so we have some milk with out dishes, some cheese with bread. You know, the good stuff." Matthew grabbed a kettle and a potato, along with his knife.
I shake my head and take a seat by the window. "Your idea of 'the good stuff' and my idea of 'the good stuff' are two different ideas."
"You are also forgetting that we basically lived off of the vegetables and milks, cheeses." The potatoes were being diced and sliced into the kettle. "If you live with us, which is very unlikely... You would have to get used to not eating meat at all during most of the year."
"Which is why I carry three years worth of jerky with me at all times." I lean back, closing my eyes and feeling the Es flow around me. It helped me to center my mind when I needed it. "Look, it's a pointless debate being we're from different backgrounds, so let's drop it."
"But like I'm saying, we just developed our tastes onto the vegetables after years of eating it instead of meat. Though one time of the year around the winter... We do slaughter on cow... One cow for the two hundred that are with us, that is a rough count of them. And we make beef dumplings that is put into a vegetable curry." The carrots were next.
"Sounds fun, but not my thing." I finish the exercise and stand up, practicing the Es blade technique. Hopefully I'd be able to sustain it longer soon.
Matthew ignored that comment and continued with the carrots until they were all diced to perfection. "You know... Maybe you should try something before you say it's not your thing? Any way... Please don't do that in here. It's still to much of a risk."
"Not going outside, and I'm in a separate room. It's a combat move, not a healing move."
"You still need to be careful... Anything planned out, or not, will still have an imperfect move in it. Nothing is truly safe, nor is it dangerous. It's funny how that works. And I'm just saying since something easily can go wrong if you accidentally lose control."

OOC: Before you say anything... Yes it is possible.
You think he would be doing it if he wasn't focused?

IC: Ignoring the remark, I repeat the summoning process, from the wrist plate of armor up to about two feet long, then stop, swing, retract. Then I'd practice forms with it, combining it with my Taker to help with improvement.
Hearing him go... He was not letting go of life for one second. Training himself until he was a machine that had human emotions... "The stew will be done in an hour... But those mushrooms should be here soon..."
I get up, go outside and head in the direction Sahna had. She should have been back by now there was something wrong. Shortly i see the first dead Rombie, I give it a wide berth and continue in the direction following the trail of dead Rombies Sahna so nicely provided.
Morph, Dac is gonna be gone for a week. We can't find him.

IC: I nod, continuing the practice. "If not soon, then in an hour. She'll come. I can go get some in thirty minutes or so."
OOC: Morph, what Zarkun said. No finding me.
I reach the end of the trail of Rombies and stop. I look around but I can't see or sense Sahna, what I do sense is a small group of rabbits hiding in their den under the snow. With a burst of Es i clear out the path to the entrance of the rabbit burrow and lunge in catching the four Rabbit's of guard, killing all of them. I take the four in my mouth by the scruff of their necks and head back to the hut.
Realizing she might have gotten lost, I head out a grab the mushrooms, bringing them in and handing them to Matthew. "Wonder where she is..."
I reach the hut and enter shaking off the little bit of snow that had built up on my back. {I got some rabbits.} I say heading over to Matthew and dropping the rabbits.
"I don't know where she is-" Matthew saw the rabbits being dropped next to him. "Okay, I'm glad for your excitement to help us... But I'm not going to put the rabbits in there."
{You don't need to. Just cook them separetly.} I say before grabbing one and heading into the front room.

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