Fade: The Rise, Part 2

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I follow Arcis and resume practicing. You see Sahna out there?
No, there was a trail of dead Rombies but when I reached the end I couldn't see or sense her. She probably kept going for a bit and the snow just covered her tracks before I got there. I bite into my rabbit and watch Jason practice.
I curse and thrust extra hard, putting a small hole in a wall. We'll have to go find her when we get a chance. I won't leave her.
That could be awhile there is no telling how long this storm will continue for.
I swing the blade wide and bring the pistol up and stop like it's set to a mans chin. I know, there never is. We'll just have to wait.
You shouldn't let your anger seep into your technique. That is how you get sloppy and injured, or worse you either hurt someone else you don't mean to or you end up dead. I stop before I say something stupid or that would make Jason angry at me. Sorry. I shouldn't criticize I'm not the trained warrior.
I chuckle, resuming my more practiced moves and working into the less practiced. You're right, though. I need to keep calmer.
I finish eating the rabbit and I start licking my paws to clean them. You should eat soon also, and perhaps get some rest as well. It's not ..... I trail off deciding not to finish that thought and jinx us.
Not tired. What was the rest of that thought?
I ..... would rather not complete that thought simply because of what might happen if I do.
I act like I knee an opponent and follow up with three fake shots to the head and finished with a spinal thrust. Go ahead. There's very little we can't handle.
Fine .... It's not like we are going anywhere any time soon and I doubt anything bad will happen. I look around waiting for something bad to happen.
I chuckle, making another vicious kill. Awareness and preparation can handle the bad. As for leaving anytime soon...we'll see.
Ehh to each their own I guess. I yawn and curl up in the corner but continue to watch Jason practice.
I chuckle and continue to practice, eventually finishing and looking at Arcis. You know, the storm has pretty much let up. We could look around a bit.
Up to you.
We shouldn't...not with two Marked sitting in that room...we'll go once they leave.
OK. I get up and walk back into the other room to see how Matthew and the girl are doing.
I crouch in the brush, watching as a group of Humans rush past. They are trying to cut me off from Namas territory, of course. So I'll do something they don't expect.

Head straight for the Deadlands.
Gosh dangit, it's not the Deadlands, it's the Frosty Grasslands. I double checked it in the first part.

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