Fade: The Rise, Part 2

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I lower my revolver, holstering it. "Lucky I didn't pull the trigger. To answer your question, Sahna, not even the King knew. We'll find out soon enough though."
"Well, hopefully there won't be much. I'd hate for one of us to get killed by those...things.."
{Lets keep moving I would rather not be around when a bunch of infected arrive ....} I say my 'voice' edgy due to being tired.
I nod and beckon to the Watcher, indicating that we needed to move forward quickly as another moan is heard, still far to the left, but slightly closer. "I hate this. While they're slow and dimwitted in the cold, they're harder to see. And tend to travel in packs."
"Wonderful, then let's try our best to avoid them. We need to try and get this done quickly. Both because of the zombies...and the cold."
I nod, and disappear from sight again. There is a soft squish, and the moaning stops.
I chuckle and keep moving. "Seems like these ones haven't learned that yet. Perhaps we have a chance."
Perhaps we have a chance? That doesn't seem very optimistic.

"I was just thinking...if one of us got infected..."
"The odds are slim. There was a specific thing about the Virus, and, if I am remembering correctly, you had to be injected with it somehow...I think that's what it was."
I don't respond to that, simply walking on towards whatever goal we were going to. I knew all too well that it was possible to be infected even in the unlikeliest of situations..my own family, certainly didn't think it would happen to us.
Finally reaching the check point, I knock on the door, then push it open, getting Sahna and Arcis in before closing it. "We've come to check in."
The sudden warmth feels great on my body, and almost instantly the coldness I'd been enduring for some time was gone.
The room is warm and cozy. I yawn. Getting sleepy again ..... must stay awake .....
Rest, Arcis. You're no good to yourself if you're too tired to think straight.
Your right but .... I shudder as I recall that dream.
Dreams are merely that. Dreams. Nothing to truly fear.
Yawning I jump up on Jason's shoulder and secure myself. {Wake me.... if you need me.} I say before yawning once more and falling asleep.
"This place is awfully cozy. When do you think we'll have to leave?" I ask, staying within a few feet of Jason and Arcis.
"You don't need to leave yet. You're hurt. I'll head out as soon as I know where I'm looking."
"I don't think you should go alone...though my chest is hurting a bit." I say.

I didn't want him to get hurt, but...would I be more of a liability than anything? He could handle himself, couldn't he?

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