Fade: The Rise, Part 2

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Knarled is heading somewhere else Zark ..... i think :P
In that case he'd never make it in.
Do not try and bend the spoon ......
Matthew noticed the lizard walking in again, he didn't even bother taking the fur off the rabbits, nor gutting them, nor cleaning them... Hell, he didn't even cook them. The stew was bubbling away as he was cleaning the mushrooms.
I decided to come down, and try to find food...I was so hungry already. I wandered around, killing infected every once in a while. I found some mushrooms...I had forgotten already about Jason's warnings, and didn't pay attention to what color they were. I ate the mushrooms, and headed back to the tree I'd found...but on the way, I threw up all over the place, and started to feel sick. I saw some infected, and so climbed up a tree, still feeling horrible.

I..I can't die like this...please, somebody find me..
I'm assuming you are all at the Frosty Grasslands at a checkpoint currently? I want to double check so it won't cause some issues.
Naits: yes though Dacder is stuck up a tree high on poisonous mushrooms
"Yes. And check the sign up thread."
12/27/2012 08:53 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
Naits: yes though Dacder is stuck up a tree high on poisonous mushrooms
For a week... And the Marked are at the checkpoint even though it was a bad idea... But no choice in the matter as there was a Blizzard while you were gone.
Just have someone arrive and we'll hide them in the attic.
I'm not staying up there for a week, you guys are going to find me and I'll have fallen into a coma, which I'll stay in for a week. :P
about to have Arcis go find Sahna ...... would need Jason to follow but ill wait till after Naits does a DM post ...... if he does it soon .......
Hurrying through this blizzard, Private Claude walked to the last known location of the people from Bastion.

Damn........ I didn't sign up to walk through a storm like this while a virus is loose.....

He stops, grabbing on the rifle that was hanging on his strap. Claude carefully walks forward, noticing how the wind had a sudden change of direction. Normally, such things wouldn't happen. However, he knew it was most likely due to something out there.

He picks up his pace, noticing the checkpoint up ahead.
Wait... Shouldn't you hide the horse as well? Going to bed now.
CR: we could just try and pass it off as someone belonging to someone else.

IC: I go back in the front room and hop up on the window sill. Looking out I quickly see the guard and determine he is not infected. {Someone is coming but it is not Sahna, looks like a guard sent by the King.}
I glance out and curse. "She's right. Matthew, you'll need to get in the attic."
Claude walks up and knocks on the door, seeing if anyone is inside.

"Hello? Is anyone in there?"
I curse and pick up the two Marked, taking them up to the attic and signaling for them to be quiet. Going back down, I open the front door. "Hello there, you our informant?"
"Well, it depends. Are you from Bastion?"

Please be them, I deal with enough pirates.
I'll change my destination to the Icy area, just because I'd like to actually interact for once.

And it reminds me of Icy the Snow Demon from the Apprentice Adept.

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