Fade: The Rise, Part 2

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OOC: Hate to rush, but you're gonna have to find me soon.

IC: Sitting up in the tree, I started getting delirious. The sick feeling I had continued to grow, and I threw up some more. The Rombies were, thankfully, lacking in this area. But I had obviously eaten something poison, and that alone threatened to kill me...not to mention that I was all alone, without a fire or shelter in a wintery wonderland.
{Yes we are from Bastion. Now if you'll excuse me I should go look for Sahna again.} Follow me when you get the chance or if I call you. I say in response to the guard adding the last part only to Jason and slipping out the door and in the direction I had gone earlier.
Claude looks at the dragon as it leaves. He heard that they had one with them, but was surprised that it was true. Then again, strange things have been happening a lot lately.

He steps inside, getting the snow off his cloak.

"I hope you know the situation here?"
I quickly arrive back at where I lost Sahna's trail before. However this time was different there was a scent, Sahna's, and it lead to the tree and up it. I look up and almost immediately spot Sahna nestled in the crook of a couple branches. Quickly looking for a lowish branch I spot one low enough for me to 'fly' to. I jump, stretch my wings and flap a couple times before landing. From there I jump between branches up to Sahna. Jason I found her, not sure how I missed her before though. Come when you can I'll keep her warm until you get here. I send to Jason hopping into Sahna's lap. I curl up and focus on keeping the both of us from freezing.
Only vaguely aware of what was even happening, I start petting Arcis weakly while slightly chuckling. I work to squeeze out a couple of words, and after a few seconds of working hard attempting it I manage to squeeze it out.

"....Thank god. I...ate some poisoned mushrooms..."
Shhh don't speak, just rest Jason will be here soon enough. I hope. I say sending the mental picture Jason had suggested to me earlier when I was having trouble sleeping to Sahna.
"Good..." I say, before the smile from my face and the slight chuckling disappears.

"I feel so weak, Arcis. I feel really..weak." I say, suddenly twitching. The twitching quickly turns into a full-blown seizure, and I nearly fall off the tree, but only just manage to stay on.
dam ... I use a combination of Guardian Es and my own body to get Sahna situated in the crook again. I then continue to send Sahna the calming mental image and curl back up on her lap. Please be ok. I know you like Jason, and he likes you also he just doesn't know it himself yet and I'm not sure what might happen if you don't come out of this ok. I say more to myself than Sahna.
I sort of snort a laugh, and then I put my hand over Arcis, as a sort of thank you. Her words had somehow sort of soothed me, and as I sat there I had a calming feeling come over me...maybe it was the poison, maybe it was something else. I simply layed back, feeling relaxed..
Sleep Sahna I'll keep you safe till Jason gets here.
I ignore this advice, trying to not sleep...for all I knew, I would slip into a coma and die if I fell asleep.
I nod. "We have a rough idea. We were told you'd inform us better."
If I wanted to get to you guys, how would I?
Head for the Frosty Grasslands and hope you don't get eaten.
I sigh and shake my head. OK fine you don't have to sleep but at least try and rest. I send another message to Jason. I know you are busy with the guard but please hurry I don't know how long Sahna will last. She said she ate some bad mushrooms.

OOC: or freeze to death
Get some of the white ones in her. They act as a counter.
I ... don't want to leave her she is a bit out of it.
It's a side effect of the black mushrooms. Trust me, she'll be better off. Then get her to rest.
I was going numb, both from the cold and from this body-wracking poison. I knew I might die, and that thought scared me. I begin blacking out, my vision becoming tunneled...I was fearful that I was dying. I started to slump, and I lost control of my muscles, entering paralysis. My body relaxed, and I went into a position where I was barely still on the tree. My vision finally became black, and, to an outsider, I might have appeared as dead...I nearly was.

I slipped deep into a coma, and odd dreams went through my head...some about my now dead family, some about Jason, some about...everything.
I think she just slipped into a coma ... I'm not going to go look for mushrooms now for sure.

EDIT2: *I glare at Dacder for making me delete a very nice post that was more than one line simply because he ninjaed me*

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