Fade: The Rise, Part 2

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"Alright then. As you may know, there's another R virus infestation. However, we've found the cause."

He pulls out a little bottle and drinks a little before continuing.

"It isn't the R virus, only a good copy. Unlike the real virus, the infected can't mutate. We've noticed a ship that has been offshore since the outbreak, and it has been there since. So, with the data we collected, we've determined that whoever is on that ship is some how involved in this."

He stops, looking outside.

"We better get moving before this blizzard gets worse."
I nod. "One moment. I have a friend who's in trouble." Moving fast, I do to where Arcis and Sahna are, grabbing her and climbing down the tree. "We gotta go, Arcis."
I make my way for the Frosty Grasslands, careful to avoid notice. I wouldn't want to run into human soldiers, and who knows what sort of creatures live here.

I am a master tracker, and soon my instincts tell me something isn't right. The air in this place is... strange. Not to mention I hate the cold. I can function fine in it, I just hate it.
I jump between branches and then to the ground. I know I know. I say heading towards the hut.
I follow, carrying Sahna. How bad was she when you found her?
Over all? Miserable. Specifically? Semi-delirious, seizure, cold and there was the lingering smell of regurgitation.
I see a figure. Uh oh. I don't want to be seen... but then again, people aren't likely to be hunting me in this area. I hail the person, but there is no response. As I get closer, my sharp eyes and nose tell me something is wrong. The person is oddly stooped. It smells and looks sickly. Suddenly, it turns, and with a surge of fear I realize what it must be.

But how? How can one be here?

The creature lunges towards me, but I am a skilled hunter and warrior, and anyone who knows me would caution people not to lunge at me. Before it can take three steps my light crossbow is out and the creature takes a bolt between the eyes. It drops to the ground, which actually surprises me. I had somehow expected it to be more resilient.

Suddenly, I hear moans on the air. Those cries have been described to me before, and I know their import. Heat pounding, I reload my crossbow and look around. In the distance I see something, perhaps a structure? I head for it. I need shelter from the cold and these... things.
Sighing, I point at the cabin. "Well, we're almost back, then we'll get out questions answered. Maybe..." I notice the shape moving quickly through the snow and hear the moaning drawing closer. "For the love of--Arcis, any way you can figure out how many?"
Hang on ... I concentrate on using my air Es to detect the amount of infected coming. With the wind blowing as sporadically as it was and the distance I could only get a rough estimate of around 30. 30 maybe more ...
I lay Sahna just inside the door. "One moment, my good man. Arcis, stay here." I walk away, drawing the Blood Takers and walking towards the hurrying figure. "Get inside."
I hop up on the window sill and watch Jason, ignoring the new one that is obviously not infected. Since the Namas tended to remain in the water dragons never encountered them often, thus I didn't know much about them and did not recognize the figure preferring to pay more attention to Jason in case he needed help.
Matthew tried to stay quiet up in the attic... Where have they gone? He heard a door open and close.
"Can I get a recap, forgot to look at this more often."
ummmm there is a horde of infected coming which Jason is currently about to face. there is a guard here with information about where we need to go. CR's chars are hidden in the attic and Sahna is currently unconscious after eating a black mushroom.
KO's character is also making a break for the house.
Claude looks at his watch, looking at the current time.

"If we want to go, we have to go now. This blizzard is going to hit the point when it's going to freeze us all within an hour."
You, uh, ignored the horde of Infected coming our way...
OOC: yeah Naits you missed the horde of infected ......

IC: I hop off the window sill and head to attic, if the storm really was going to get that bad the two in the attic wouldn't stand a chance. I enter the attic and look at them. Go down stairs the Storm is going to get worse you wont last long up. If the guard tries something I'll deal with him. I then go back down, close the door to the room with the stairs and lay just out side.
I make sure I have all my equipment ready and I look out the window, in the distance I saw the glow of many infected, and I could also make out a humanoid shape coming towards the building.

Taloris notices the glow up ahead, he was fascinated by it, but was unsure of what it meant. He started to charge forward to see what it was.
I am aware of the horde. It's just that the guard is not aware of it, since no one has officially stated that there's a hoard inbound.

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