Fade: The Rise, Part 2

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Matthew woke me up again, my ordeal was tiring but I was ready... That was when we noticed something terrible. We all forgot to eat the stew that we made downstairs. "Come on... We need to get out of here. We'll grab Gailye and get out of here as fast as we can." Matthew was holding my hands, never letting go it seemed to be.

"Matthew, are you sure this is a good idea? He might turn us in?" I was worried, and I had the right to be so.

"Yes..." Matthew calmed me down with his soothing voice.
Good point.

IC: As the Namas goes by me, I lock back the hammers, the helmet enveloping my head. "It's show time."


I charge forward, leaping into the air as they first of the infected comes into view and fire, killing the first few with headshots. Landing, I spin and fire on more as they come towards me, dropping them easily. One gets close enough to lunge me and I fall on my back, throwing it into a tree and crushing it's skull as I roll back up and fire on three more. Activating their Es bayonets, I slice and shoot, taking off arms and heads, jaws and hands. I was a blur. Stabbing a bayonet into one's head, I pull the trigger as I fire as I gun down more. "These are weaker then the others." I leap up and over a larger group of them and fire, taking them out. "Bullet Storm!" I fire in a circle, taking out a large swath of the Infected. Moving back towards the house, I gun down the ones that get too close, cutting them down when I need to. Finally, there's only one or two left. "Good night." I fire, killing both. Going back inside, I lower my helmet. "We can go now if we need to."
I heard a rain of gunfire, something was happening... It stopped. "Matthew, gunfire." As I approached the ladder/stairs that led out of the attic.

He was following me, keeping an eyes on the surroundings. "Don't worry..."
I stand up, and say "We ready? I'm getting a bit bored with all this waiting, to be honest."
I forgot to hit "submit" for the post I typed last night -.-

Going to leave a short post since I don't have time to rewrite it.



Claude looks at the snow, noticing how quickly it was building up.

"If we want to go, we have to go now. The snow's going to bury us alive if we stay here."
Ireach the cabin to find a battle scene. I pick off a couple of the creatures with my crossbow, then quietly follow the warrior in. The motley assortment I see indicates that this is, as I hoped, an open house. Phos, Humans, and... a dragon? More likely some other small animal modified to look like one, a street performer or con artist's tool.
I nod, picking up Sahna. "Then let's go." Arcis, get our Marked friends on their horse and heading for either their home or warmer weather. It's unsafe for them to go with us.
I nod open the door slightly and slip in closing the door behind me. Get ready to leave it isn't safe here and it isn't safe for you to follow us so either head home or go to warmer weather.
I step out of the shadowed corners. "Now who is the new one?" I ask. I look out the window again and see a huge shape charging towards the outpost. "That's probably not good."
I cast a glance at the one in the corner. I curse myself for having not noticed him at first, I must be losing my edge. Ha, losing my edge at 18.

I glance around. "At the risk of pointing out that which is obvious... none of you can remain here unless you possess some powerful magic I am unaware of. For numerous reasons."
I walk back out of the back room as the two marked eat and get their things in order for leaving. {Nor can you Namas.} I say finally placing the beings race after getting a good look at it.
Can't really eat when they could blow their cover... XD

IC: Matthew got ready to leave and so was I. The horse, Gailye, was outside near the attic. If we can just jump down onto the snow, then we could avoid the guard.
I jump. I have encountered telepathic creatures before, but I did not expect this one.

"I do not intend to remain here. I merely desired temporary shelter... whatever you are."
"That, Namas, would be a dragon." I had one of my Blood Takers out, watching for unfriendly movement.
I register that with no surprise and only a little disbelief. I had expected that answer, and the telepathy made it fairly likely. I raise my crossbow slightly as I see his motion. Caution has never hurt me.
I chuckle. Someone is quite cocky. I think to myself, and lean on the wall, watching.
"We could we just go already? I don't to end up as an ice cube!"
"Waiting on you. We don't know where we're going."
"Alright. Let's go."

He starts walking out, heading towards the direction where the wind was blowing.
I walk over to Jason and before leaving look over my shoulder. Good bye. For now I feel we will meet again. I say to the two marked and I then follow the guard.

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