Fade: The Rise, Part 2

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I follow, Sahna in my arms, and watch the snow covered landscape for unfriendly motion.
You follow the guard, treading through the snow. After seemingly wandering for ages, you reach a small cave. At the back hides an iron door, which was approached by the guard.

"Give me a sec. The door's covered with ice."

As he struggles to open it, the wind starts blowing into the cave. As the snowflakes fall inside, inaudible whispers seemed to echo until the door opened.


As he enters, he turns on the lights, revealing it to be a well supplied bunker.

"The mess hall and the bedrooms are in the floor below us. Pick a room, and eat up. We're going to be here awhile."
I nod and find a room, setting Sahna in the bed and then going back up. "Where are we exactly?"
Claude sits his coat on a rack.

"It's an old shelter that was used during the days of the R Virus. People hid in here until it was driven away. Some group of traders found it, then we put it back into use."

He throws some wood into the fireplace, carefully lighting it.

"Of course, it's in the more colder regions of the Snowy Grasslands. If you came from another direction, you wouldn't have encountered any blizzards. The group I'm usually stationed with was sent somewhere else, so I'm the only one here currently."
"Sent somewhere else for what reason?"
"For the recent outbreak. We don't have enough hands to help protect the more populated areas. I was left behind because I was the only one capable of staying here by myself."
I nod, thinking back to the one time the Rombies managed to make headway into the keep. "I'm not sure it was a good move...but I'm grateful. I've noticed though, that the infected we've faced so far aren't as...durable...as the ones in the Deadlands."
"That's why I'm the only one here. The frost has weakened the infected, due to the fact they aren't really trying to warm their bodies. And since I've been here so many times, I was the best candidate."

He makes sure the fire was capable of staying lit before standing back up.

"Due to our location, the infected should be migrating towards the city. Most of the military here moved to protect the major roads because of that. The rest of us are just out here to monitor for any changes."
I nod. "It's a much more severe weakening then what the ones in the Deadlands get. There was a horde before we left, but...they weren't huddled, like they didn't care."
After a bit of exploring I curl up next to the fire and fall into a light sleep.
I stand by the door, keeping myself ready in case of more Rombies.
"It maybe due to the certain circumstances. The R Virus started in an Es enriched environment. This one simply came from one that had little of it. Maybe due to the lack of Es, they really don't have anything to go after."
I nod, thinking. "Still, if they were after Es...there'd be more heading for the Phos settlements near the area. Instead they're heading for Rotport. That makes no sense since the Es concentration there, considering other cities, is considerably small."
"That city holds a lot more secrets than one can imagine. By the way, Rotport is no longer the name. Currently, it doesn't have one right now, because they're trying to find something that doesn't remind everyone of the recent outbreak."
I chuckle. So then we were going to a city with no name. "Well then, why not Seaport or something like that? It fits given the city's position."
I awake, feeling light-headed, dizzy, sickly, and, most of all, hungry. I am only just able to take note of my surroundings, and realize I don’t know where I am. Perhaps in heaven. I moan in dissatisfaction, and try to move, my limbs just barely budging. I feel nauseated as I stand up, and evacuate the few things remaining in my stomach. I quickly fall back to the bed, but, after a short struggle which feels like an eternity, manage to stand up. After staying in place for a moment, I head up a flight of stairs to find where I am, and, the feelings of sickliness going away rapidly, head up the stairs and see Jason. “Where the hell are we?” I ask, not exactly all there.

I lift my head hearing Sahna. {Yay your awake.} I get up and bound over to Sahna.
I turn to Sahna and stop Arcis. She'll need more time to recover, so not yet, Arcis. "Good to see you awake Sahna. How do you feel?"
I know but ... fine. I sit down my tail flicking unhappily behind me.
I know you're glad to see her awake, but you might do more harm than good if you jump into her arms like you normally would. She doesn't look the best right now.
I wasn't going to jump into her arms, just go over to her.

I notice Arcis, and smile approvingly. “I feel...not the best. There’s a bit of a mess in the room I was in...but I’m feeling better than I did when I woke up already.”

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