Fade: The Rise, Part 2

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I sit her down near the fire and pull out some jerky, but this was a darker color. "You'd be surprised how many things I've learned to use jerky for. This has a medicine designed to counter act the black mushrooms. Eat it."

I eat it, and feel better still. “Thanks...but where are we? I have no memory of this place.”

"One of the safe house's our destination's guards have set up. We arrived while you were still unconscious."
“Oh. What happened to the others that were with us? The Phos man, and-” I remember that we weren’t to talk about them, and cut myself off. “Are they here as well?”

No they aren't. I walk over to and lay down next to Sahna.
"Only those who are helping the King with his investigation are here. The others were simply caught in the storm."
“Hopefully they’re all right. This jerky really does the trick.” I say, feeling considerably better now.
I chuckle. "And people wonder why I carry so much around."
I sit down near the group (Not in arms length) and keep my eye on the door. I take out a canteen and take a drink. I was still tensed, still waiting for them to break through.
{I'm glad you are OK. I was .... worried.} I yawn and lay my head on her leg.
I watch the Watcher who had stuck around where I could see them. "Those infected won't be coming this way. It's too cold for them in that storm."
"Not taking any chances." I reply. I stand up, and bring the canteen forward, and set it on the ground near the group if any of them wanted a drink. I go back to my spot, and keep an eye on the door.
I sigh, shaking my head. "Take the advice of a veteran who's fought these things for a long time. They won't be coming in the door at any high speed any time soon."
The horse dredged through the snow like a plow. This process wasn't fast, but nothing could move quickly through a Blizzard.... "We are by ourselves once more darlin'." Matthew spoke to me with a solemn voice.

My body was cold, pale, and still weak from what happened.... Sad thing is, if we get stuck out here, then we'll have no food or water. "They send us out... Even now it wasn't the smartest decision we made."
I don't keep my eyes off the door, but I relax a bit.
"I'm glad I'm okay too, and glad you and Jason are alright as well." I say, petting Arcis. I thought to myself about how dead we'd be should the Rombies attack, but kept it to myself.

I lay there content and happy now that Sahna is well again.
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I get out some regular jerky and take a bite. "You'll still need plenty of rest, Sahna. Those who survive eating the black mushrooms usually need plenty of it."
This blizzard swallowed the both of us in a flash of an eye, our bodies and the horse were gone, not even buried by the snow that has soon engulfed any that was out. The world was dark, cold, unforgiving... Then suddenly...

Where....Am I?
Were the thoughts that transpired into the both of us. We were warm, wet, some light being reflected somewhere... Was this water?

"I suppose I'll have plently of time to rest, in this storm." I say, before yawning.
I chuckle, nodding. "Plenty is an understatement." I lean back, looking out one of the small windows this place had. She's incredibly lucky....how could she have forgotten so quickly?
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