Fade: The Rise, Part 2

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"Our Watcher friend. Haven't seen her since she killed the Infected. Hope she's alright." I take a seat, going through my pack and pulling out some jerky. "It's been an interesting journey so far."
"Watcher friend? What...oh well." I say, looking around now as well, wondering what he meant.
The door opens, but no one steps through the door. It closes, and a sigh is heard.
"Never gonna get rid of that smell now...." I say, still cloaked. I walk away from the door, and de-cloak, an annoyed look on my face.
I chuckle. "You choose to kill it. With as cold as it is, you'd have been fine just walking past."
I see the girl, and I am rather startled.

"Who...where did you come from?"
"She's the Watcher I was talking about. If I had to choose between her and the one who left the gifts for us back at Bastion, I'll take her any day."
"Oh, well, pleased to meet you." I say, shaking the girls hand.

"Is she going to accompany you?"
I shrug. "Far as I know, anyone the King has asked for help is operating alone or with their companions. Whether or not she accompanies me is up to her."
I look at the girl, she seemed....a little shifty.

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Dacder, my character isn't in arms length, let alone close enough to whisper

I shrug, and say "Well, it was between killing the one or going around a whole pack of them. I'm good, but when it's a tight space filled with Infected, I'd rather not run the risk of getting Infected."
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"Guess I can't blame you, although you'd have the edge in the cold."
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IC: "You always have to be careful with the infected..." I say sort of out of the blue.
I shrug, taking a bite of another piece of jerky. "That would be true. Still, Infected tend to hide in the cold...which is what has me worried."
I look with hungry eyes at the jerky, as I hadn't eaten much since we'd been back at the Inn, seemingly forever away.

"I wonder if they have food here.." I sort of silently remark, not saying it very loudly.
I toss Sahna some jerky, chuckling at the remark. "If you're hungry, just say it. I've got more then enough food here for the three of us."
I catch it, and start chomping into it.

"You should tell me these things." I say, laughing.
I jump off of Jason's shoulders heading towards the door. I'm restless and want to spend some time outside.

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