Fade: The Rise, Part 2

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"Stay close, Arcis. There are Infected all over out here."
I think for a second.

"Is...is it really a good idea for Arcis to go? If she dies, so does the chance of a resurgent Dragon race.."
I know. I say using my claws to open the door closing it behind me. Once outside I wander over to a small snow covered hill, climb to the top of it, and look out into the surrounding area.
"I can keep track of her through our link, so I'm not super concerned. Dragons need to be outside though, they weren't built for indoors." I think for a minute. "Ok, our indoors."
"I meant with you, wherever you're going..." I trail off, a concerned tone to my voice.
I nod. "She'll be able to see things I can't see, and smell them. Don't worry, we'll be fine."
"I'm sorry, I....I know you will be. I just worry about you..."
I look at Sahna carefully, wondering what was going through her head. She was certainly attractive, but I'd never heard of Human Phos relationships, and I was traveling the continent so much of the time. "I understand your concern. My mother is the same way, regardless of the training my father gave me." I didn't add the, "Except yours is something more," after the bit about my mother like I wanted to.
"Though your mother probably wouldn't wish to come with you." I say, laughing.
I should be inside resting but ..... I just dont feel right in there ..... and as for Jason and Sahna ...... I'll support them in whatever they decide to do ..... I say not really meaning to broadcast my thoughts to Jason, while using Es to play with the falling snow a little bit.
I chuckle at that, remembering the day I'd left home to begin learning. "You're right about that." I look at Sahna and then sigh. "I'm glad to have ran into you, Sahna. I've been traveling alone for a long time." And what exactly do you think we'll do, Arcis?
I look at him, and smile.

"I had been getting a little sick of being on my own as well. And I'm glad you were the one to find me..you're a nice fellow." I add quickly.
"I'm not sure anyone else would have come. I'm sure you shudder to think what those men would have done before slitting your throat." I myself was infuriated by the thought. I'd made sure men I'd come across in the act couldn't use it anymore for anything more then pee. The Es blade technique I'd made was quite useful.
I sigh a little bit.

"I think it's best to not think of those sorts of things." I say cheerfully, "The fact of the matter is that you just so happened to be there, as if by fate."
..... how ..... much did you just 'overhear'? and ......... ummmm ....... well ..... I know you both like each other .... if you want to be in a relationship with her i wont get in the way .... well I'll try not to. I stop playing with the snow and head back towards the shack ready for ...... whatever.
All of it. I'm not even sure a relationship like that is possible, so don't expect anything. "Maybe, but the thought infuriates me. Too long have we allowed it."
I rest one of my hands on his shoulders.

"You humans...you've tried to correct this as much as you can. It's not like anyone can be perfect, us Phos also have our flaws. It is not your fault, what others do..and truthfully, you're one of the most honorable and nice people I've ever met, so if nothing else, feel good about that."
....... I open the door walk in and close the door behind me. I walk over to Jason, I seem a bit overly cautious, and lay down next to him. Can I have some jerky please?
The cold finally got to Tyson and he climbs into the building from the roof, causing a loud thump sound in the attic.

"How does a Dragon open and close doors? They don't have thumbs... Unless they use their mouths!"
OOC: Claws.

IC: I hear the thump, but pay it no heed, instead enjoying this conversation me and Jason were having.

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