Fade: The Rise, Part 2

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OOC: SF: ....... must ........ resist ........
12/23/2012 09:13 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
OOC: SF: ....... must ........ resist ........
Don't even start... SF just made an observation due to the tiny size of the Dragon and the knob as near the middle of the door and etc... It's just an observation, that's all.
I sigh, knowing she's right. "I know that, but...it's the rest, the ones that all the other races use to set standards for us by. They all believe we're liars, sneaky, conniving, evil, or a number of other things, and even combinations of them. I hate being told by that Nama I decide to save that I have an ulterior motive and he refuses to pay me." Hearing the bump, I glance up, but ignore it.
"It's a flaw of all races...ignorance. I won't lie, I thought you humans were all that way, and still think most of you are...but certainly not all of you."
I nod appreciatively as I hand Arcis some jerky. "Thanks."
"Don't thank me...you deserve recognition." I say, noticing Arcis, glad that she was back alright.

I didn't know what I thought of Jason...I mean, I knew...did I know how I felt about him? It was all so confusing, he was like someone out of a story-book..but yet so real.

"You know, it's funny. As scared as I am of you, or anyone going into the Deadlands, I haven't myself been there."
I take the jerky between my front paws, rip a piece off and swallow it. I still slightly expect Jason to be mad with me but he probably wont be in front of Sahna if at all.
Not too fast Arcis. "It isn't pleasant. Nothing but the eery glow of the Infected at night, with their moans and then the nightly assaults to try and get free. I lost count of how many times they almost got me or dad."
"I wouldn't think it would be pleasant..and it sounds as bad as I thought it would be...a place filled with those...things!" I say, shuddering slightly but visibly, remembering my family and what the R-Virus did to them.

"I would have never thought I'd want to go in there..but.." I cut myself off there.
Now your the one who sounds like a mother I say a semi-grin contorting my face.
I look at her curiously. "But what? I can sense an incomplete thought." I take another bite of jerky, handing some to Arcis and Sahna. You say that now, but the moment you start choking and gagging...
Gailye need a break from galloping day and night without rest, it was tiring on the horse but he was a strong one, snow had picked up.. Seemed like they had managed to get near the grasslands (Correct me if wrong) at night without being able to see in front of you due to the snow. It was still two days journey away from home... Home in the mountains.

My blood was caked and crusted on both I and Matthew's hands, and on my clothes. They needed to find shelter before my condition got worse... To bad that restoration Es wont do anything in my condition, it had something to do with the blood loss... For you couldn't recreate them through Es.
I blush a little bit.

"Nothing, nevermind." I say hurriedly. I...I didn't know, I was nervous..
I take another bite of jerky and stop grinning. After that comment I am quite subdued.
I look at Sahna carefully, debating on whether or not to speak. I decide to. "Sahna, you can trust me and Arcis." Glancing at Arcis, I chuckle. Sorry, just trying to make a point. You need to hurry and get bigger though. The sooner you can use those claws on more than rats the better for you. I'd realized halfway through the thought how heartless I sounded. Sorry, I just don't want you to get hurt.
I look at the ground, nervously sort of backing away whilst still staying there.

"But...then I met you, and...well..." I stop there, just sort of shuffling awkwardly.
"And what? Sahna, I swear I won't do anything or judge you. I simply am curious."
The horse though had to push farther, and Gailye did just that... He pushed with all his strength to get through the blizzard like conditions that were befalling them now. Desperately to obtain shelter and food. No food or water for a few days. Only a few handful of frostbitten oats that was for the horse.

They saw a light.
"And...well, it's important to me that you stay safe...you're important to me."
"I've never taken unnecessary risks, Sahna." I look her in the eyes, "And I don't plan on starting now."

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