Fade: The Rise, Part 2

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"I know...but.." I sigh.

"I just don't really have anybody else. And you...I..." I sigh again. "Well, I feel...like you're special, somehow." I finally, finish.
I nod, slowly understanding. At least she knew. I was still figuring it out. "I understand. I swear I won't do anything that is overly dangerous without an extreme need."
The winds were howling out for our deaths, hinted with the frozen despair that started to linger Matthew's heart as they sought for the light. Maybe it was the shelter they needed? Not able to hear the moaning and groaning under the sheer force of the wind.

Ever so approaching the shelter.
Tyson opens up his bag and looks at the cold meat in his bag, along with the frozen veggies. He starts looking for a hearth that he could set alight.
I was expecting something like that, but not the apology. You are right however, I can only grow so fast. I no longer feel like talking after that and just chew on my jerky.
I sigh, knowing I shouldn't have said it. I really am sorry, Arcis. I didn't mean to overstep my boundaries. I could hear the noise up in the attic and was beginning to get worried. Had the Infected gotten that smart?
"I know that. I believe in you and your decision making. You'd make a fine military-man." I say, looking back up at him.
I shake my head. "I actually wouldn't. Not in the military we have now. The commanders make questionable orders all the time, and I'd be the one to question them. So, I travel instead. Not even my father is an official military man. He simply helps them."
Shadows were approaching the shelter, lights could be seen inside but the snow blocked sight of all that could ever be in there. Anything would be better, even if it meant sharing with someone who didn't like them.

Matthew dismounted Gailye while resting me on the horse, walking with his strength as he lessened the burden on the horse.
I note his going away from what I'd said, and got angry at myself in my head. Had I been too bold?

"Your father sounds like a very respectable man...I assume he's still alive?" I ask, getting memories of my own father while asking this.
"The last I heard he was. Of course, our armor makes it hard for the 'Rombies', as he calls them, to get to us. That and the Guardian stones."
I sense several somethings, or is it someones? outside. {there's someone outside.}

OOC: CR: im guessing your coming to the same building we are at if not ..... ill edit
Not finding a hearth in the attic Tyson grabs his bag and tosses it down the trapdoor into the attic. He then follows, his knife in hand in case something hostile was down there, because let's face it, a bow in a confined space is useless.
Matthew reached for the knob of the wooden door, turning it to no avail, as it was frozen shut. Slamming his fist into the wood as to attract attention to anyone that could be inside. And if that didn't work, then he would go to plan B.

OOC: Yes Morph.
"Well, that's good. The virus...it's been hard on a lot of families, mine included...at least yours wasn't hit too hard." I say, still wondering if I'd messed up by saying too much.
Hearing the thud on the door I jump up, run over, sink my claws into the door, and using a bit of Es to break the ice pull it open.
I see who it is, and my jaw drops in shock.

"You?!" I yell out louder than needed.
But thanks to the freezing temperature and the snow, the door was having a hard time opening still. Barely budging. (Sorry Morph... /Troll Face) Seeing an opening, Matthew did one thing. He put everything behind his shoulder and slammed into the door, tumbling onto the wooden floor as Arcis was sent flying across the room.


OOC: You didn't say how open. xD I just wanted to do that... Go with it, it's interesting.
I quickly go over to Arcis, helping her up. "Are you alright?" I asked her.

Without waiting for an answer, I turn to the man, Matthew, if I recalled.

"How the hell did you get here? And why are you here?"
Looking for a hearth Tyson finally finds it. He pulls out his meat and chops it up. He then throws it in the pot hanging over the burning hearth. Who lit this? He wonders to himself.

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