Fade: The Rise, Part 2

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OOC: CR: was planing on it :P

IC: I slam into the wall rather hard. Sahna comes over and helps me up I try stretch to make sure im fine but as I extend my right wing I nearly collapse again from the pain. {Ow *Insert selection of ummm choice words here*. Dam it you broke my wing ... thats gona hurt for a bit even with restoration Es ...... } I glare at Matthew for a few moments before turning my attentions to my wing.
Matthew sneered at the telepathic mutt in his opinion. "So, you have a pet flying rat now... Lovely, and it can speak, even better." Staring at the Phos, he doesn't know who these people are... He doesn't know if he can trust them. "I'm here because we need shelter and we saw light... Still a couple of days away to our home... Phos."

There wasn't a chance Arcis would go now, and if she wasn't going...I was, I simply couldn't let Jason go out into the Deadlands all by himself, there was no way.

"Arcis..Dammit." I say, looking at the wing and seeing the damage.

I then turn my attention to the man. "Nice going, you arrogant prick." I say to him, getting angry fast. I was still mad at myself for telling Jason how I felt, and wasn't afraid to transfer that anger to this human.
Ow .... I'll be fine Sahna .... I say licking, or at least trying to lick, the wound and clean it while focusing Restoration Es on it.
That was when Gailye reared into the shelter, with a limp me on his back. The door was still ajar and the freezing air and snow blasting into room. Taking out the fire with it. Acting fast, Matthew pushed against the door until it was closed. "The fire in the fireplace can still be lit. Arrogant... Probably, not like I should trust a couple of people that I don't know..."
I hear the sounds coming from the next room and peak out the door. I silently curse as I see it is the people from Bastion. I close the door quietly and check on the food. It was still frozen. I would be here for a bit.
"Trusting is one thing, not being concerned that you just hurt someone is another." I say defiantly.
I stand up, my head tilted to the side as I listened to something. I turn to Jason and say "Someone else is here besides him." I gesture to Matthew, and cloak from sight.
I draw my one of the Blood Takers and pull the trigger, an Es round skimming his nose, cutting it, then another round going through the floor by his foot. "That's, for leaving us to burn on the road and for hurting my partner. I've half a mind to send you to your true home, whatever you believe in. You're looking at the first dragon in centuries." I then notice the Es in the other room. "So he's that gutsy..." Walking over to the door, I kick it in, the Blood Taker even with the Watcher's head. "Out. Let's go. You owe the man who's footI just about shot an apology for ruining his wagon." After Matthew had hurt Arcis, I was livid. I'd shoot either of these two in the head if they twitched wrong. You ok, Arcis?
Clucath sneaks through the bushes, avoiding being seen by the citizens of the capital until he reaches the walls. He clings to the sheer stone like a spider, quickly rising straight upwards, then descending again until he is safe outside the city.

I have done it!

The humans, as always, had foolishly ignored their neighbors the Namas. He was not even granted an audience! But now they would regret it. He glanced at the bulky pouch now tied to his side. In there was the key to his people's survival.

But it was only a matter of time until the theft was noticed. Thus, he would need to put some distance between himself and his future pursuers immediately, and he could not go straight back to his village...
A trickle of blood ran down his nose, they were lucky they weren't outside. For then the infected would smell the blood as the cold air carried that away. It was a mysterious feeling, on why cold air enhances smells. Wiping his arm on the bridge of his nose as he wiped the blood from it. Matthew grinned. "And I don't care if it's the kings royal dog... Don't even know what that is... A Dragon that is. And I'm not defenseless. And if you try to do anything, someone is going to get hurt... Even if that means both of us." Matthew was serious, he wouldn't stand by this, he didn't even know that flying lizard was at the door! "And how was I supposed to know that your pet was at the door, last time I check... Something like that just should stay away from the door so it doesn't get hurt."

Nobody had noticed me, what wondrous thought? Matthew came over, after he stood up from the ground and took me off the horse. Gailye kneeling on the ground as to rest... The horse had been tired from the journey. He spoke once more on the matter. "And I don't care what fancy tricks you can do to heal people... Any of you, but don't even bother trying to use Es on her. It will feed the problem and it wont even offer a lick of solution. You can't recreate blood from Es."

His own leg was bruised and sore. Earlier he wrapped a cotton like material around the leg as to comfort it.
I cringe as I again try to stretch my wing. {Ow .... I'll be fine .... soon I think .... and I am NOT a pet.} I say putting all my anger behind that last part.
I level my other Taker with the girls head. "Then shooting you two in the head would be a favor. This is a military checkpoint for people who have business here. You're a lot dumber then you look for stopping here." Arcis, get them out of this room, before I put a shot in their heads and call it good.
Why are you putting that on me?
Because I don't exactly trust myeself, and Sahna's as furious as I am. I maintained a steady aim on both parties, the Marked and the Watcher. The wind was intense, and carrying the moans of the Infected to us. They weren't close at all, but it wasn't any less unsettling.

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*sigh* Put them in the other room, the one that second watcher came from. Lock em in there but give the girl water she'll need it if she's going to survive. Unless they join our little group the watcher can have 'em for all I care. I say anger, pain and sorrow barely kept from spilling over our link.

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IC: Matthew noticed the pistol aimed for my head, I couldn't do anything as I was passed out from the loss of blood... He shouldn't be furious at the man, but Matthew didn't want no harm to come to me. "You either lower the weapon... Or we'll have problems... And I didn't know if coming here was a good idea, but we needed the shelter and warmth... But I guess it's okay for people to kill someone who might die, for they don't get a say in the matter and it's okay then." Ungrateful... They wont even accept the fact that I didn't know that their pet was at the door. I'm sorry darlin'... But they might just take us out.

OOC: Going to be doing an interesting twist soon that involves the poison and the consequence of using Restorative Es on it.
OOC: ok i lied about how long i would be gone :P

IC: {Take her and go in the back room you can have all the warmth and shelter you want/need in there. Also please STOP calling me a pet.} those two need an education in regards to dragons. I indicate the door that the second watcher had been dragged out of before laying down in a corner so as to, hopefully, stay out of the way.
I took my Bow and an arrow from my quiver and on my back and aimed it at Matthew.

"Do as the dragon says, and don't even think about trying anything stupid."
Wait... It can read thoughts? Just asking so I'm not confused. :-\

IC: Matthew stared at the lizard. "I don't care what you are... But I will just get warmed up and you'll never have to see us again... Hopefully we didn't have to meet now. And you can calm your panties (Couldn't resist), Phos, and I'm sorry if I'm calling you that... But no point in knowing your name at this point. And I am insulted, your friend was just aiming a weapon at an unarmed and defenseless woman!" Matthew was angry at both the Phos and the other human, their behavior was not great, and the latter had his weapon at I when I was unarmed, defenseless, and not even awake!

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