Fade: The Rise, Part 2

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Well .... sorta ...... it was more her reacting a bit more forcefully to the previous couple times.

IC: {He is right, there is nothing to be gained from violence right now so put your weapons away. I hope the girl survives she would .....} I trail off not really wanting to finish that statement mostly because she wasnt awake and the guy with her would probably not like what i had to say.
OOC: Yes it can read thoughts.

IC: I gesture to Jason to take his gun off the other one he'd brought with him.

"My name is Sahna, pleased to meet you." I say sarcastically. "And he can't trust you, neither can I, you've hurt our friend and abandoned us..so what trust do we owe you?"
I sigh yet another reason to get bigger: others will take me seriously ...... Especially when I can crush someone just by not paying attention to where I'm going ..... or when I can breath fire .....
Matthew sighed, he knew this wouldn't be the best of ideas. "Matthew... Sahna. But I can't trust neither of you as well, you are working for the king, which means the military. They capture us, they execute us, or put us to something that we escaped from once before... And we had left you because we needed to hurry... Plus you seemed to be safe with the other human. He would've protected you, just as I would protect her. I chose my instincts and survival over the people I don't know..." As he points at I.
such bad grammar .......
I keep the bow level for a second, but slowly lower it.

"I suppose so. And I, I don't work for the military, I'm simply a...good friend of Jason's who's accompanying him. In fact, he doesn't work for the military either."
I'm sorry if I don't have the sophisticated grammar of a high end school. :\
... Cut me some slack, and what's wrong with trying to experiment?

IC: "He's working for the king... So what does that mean? He's must abide to his rules... And he's breaking them by not turning us in. And if the king would find out?"
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As he points at I.
...... i learned that was bad grammar in 2nd grade ........ and nothing is wrong with trying to experiment
"I'm not sure..but we won't turn you in, you have to believe that." I say, my weapon now leveled with the floor, and I take the arrow and put it back in the quiver.

OOC: Morph, he made two minor mistakes, cut him some slack...you've got a distinct lack of punctuation, so you're not exactly innocent yourself. :P
Yes, and I was told I couldn't use 'Because' as the first word in a sentence... But was I truly allowed to use it? Yes.

IC: "Thank you for at least listening to my reasons... And I'm sorry that I hurt your... Friend? Dragon? Flying Lizard? I truly do not care at this point, for it's not important at this point."
sigh i need a drink ...... if ya need me ill be in the cantina on the Hyperion .......
"Friend and dragon." I reply simply, "And on the contrary, it is important."
"Apologize for what?" Tyson says, his voice so convincing that he didn't know what he was speaking about.
I turn my attention to the watcher.

"For ruining his wagon, and for threatening to kill me." I say, still being quite angry.
Matthew saw the man... They know another one? "I don't know who this one is either... And when I mean by it's not important... I mean it's not important in this direct situation. For it's not the end of the world if I don't know what it is." My wagon? "So... Your trap you placed for us?"
"What trap? What wagon? And of course I threatened you, if your friend there hadn't been deciding to watch me I wouldn't have needed to. And if he didn't point a gun at my head I would've lowered it." Tyson replies, his tone was so convincing that you couldn't help but start to feel as if he were telling the truth, and part of it was.
"Well... I was taking a wagon being led by two horses down a road after Bastion... Something destroyed the tire and it was the same type of trap that almost killed this darlin'." As Matthew put my body down next to the fire, putting a blanket like sheet over my body for more warmth.
I get up and walk over to the unconscious girl and lay down along her side. At least I could be of some help to her even if no one was going to heed my advice or really pay much attention to me right now.
I holster the pistol, keeping the other on the Watcher and my hand on the one I'd just holstered. "You know exactly what traps, and what wagon. Your Es was all over the arrow that went through the girls chest. As for working for the King, I'm assisting in an investigation of an R Virus out break that originated here. Marked aren't my concern."
While the others argue over past events and whether or not to grant trust, I lay next to the unconscious girl who I know cant be helped by Es. {She needs water.} I say to no one in particular and using a bit of Es I pick up a small ball of fire and use it to entertain myself.

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