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So yeah. Its official. I'm restarting Jay the Ghost right now, and it will include the following:

-Same characters, (Some with different names, except Jay for the sake of the story)
-Starcraft Lore
-Old things
-New things
-A bunch of my loves (I absolutely hate the origional Jay the Ghost right now, so all my lurf belongs now to this story)


I've just written the first chapter of the story Rebooted, and I can assure you right now, that it is going to be different,

the difference being the fact that it is going to be written better, xD

So please~Enjoy~!
WOOT! Can't wait to read it!
I watched quietly as the stars started to twinkle up in the sky. The sun was just about done setting, so the stars were appearing like little splatters of paint after someone’s flicked a brush at a dark piece of paper. They were really pretty against the multiple darkened hues of blue and purple in the sky. This was another of those moments I would remember when I grew older. That is, if I still had the ability to remember when I got that far.

I sighed to myself, sitting up from the tall grass in the backyard of our hut on its little hill in the countryside. I glanced backward at this said hut, seeing the faint silhouette of my mom rocking in an armchair in the living room through a window. She didn’t know how much time I had left here either. It was only a matter of time until they came. Funny though…how I’m not spending my last hours with her; she was the parent that took care of me for most of my life.

But dad was the one who cared the most about me, at least I thought so. Too bad he wasn’t here right now.

I hugged my knees to my chest, taking another gander up at the beautiful sky. My home planet here, in the outer ring of Fringe Worlds, had probably one of the most beautiful nighttime skies ever in the history of planets. You could see star after star, nebulaeafter nebula. It was a star-gazer’s dream to be out here, I thought. There was almost too much to see up in the sky at night….I would miss it a lot.

I wish I didn’t have to miss it, but it would be all too soon that the Dominion would come and take me from my home. They wanted to use me, just like the Confederacy before them. Daddy did his best to keep me safe, to keep me hidden from either of them…but he had to leave, and Mama wasn’t good at doing Daddy’s job. It was her fault they were coming to take me now, in fact. I wish daddy could have stayed…but if he didn’t, I would have been taken away from home a lot sooner.

At least he got to teach me a lot though, before he had to leave. He taught me about why I was special, why I could do some of the things I could, like tell what other people were feeling, and what they were thinking sometimes (Which was really weird for a while, until daddy taught me how to make everything go quiet in my head). He said I was psionic, whatever that meant, and because of that, I could do things that people like Mama and Charlie down the road and Timmy at the junkyard and Philip at the bar couldn't....

I could feel my throat choke up a bit as I thought about it more, the fact that I was leaving, and never coming back. Daddy told me this might happen, that I might not get to stay here…the idea was to try and keep me safe forever, so I’d never have to do what daddy had to when the Confederacy was in control of the Sector and he had to go to the special program…but I think we all knew that someday, it was probably going to happen-that I’d be taken away too.

The Dominion made it sound so nice though. They made it sound like we were going to become superheroes…like in the old fashioned paper comic books I found lying around in Mama’s library, their pages protected by a layer of special plastic to keep the pages nice. I knew by now though, by daddy’s lectures when I was little, that this was all a lie. They turned people into puppets, into killing machines and-

…”My name is Cassie Azura Starlite. I am nine years old. My mommy and daddy’s name s are Crystal and Jason. My daddy has taught me all I’ve ever known with a little teensy bit of Mama’s help. I’m a really special person with psioni-“…

I quickly turn off the tape recorder as it started to play. It had been sitting next to me this entire time as I’ve been thinking about what’s going to happen to me. The tape recorder was something I’d had with me since I was a little girl, after daddy left. Instead of writing in a journal, I’ve talked into this little box and added entries just about every day since Mama found it for me at a thrift store at the only town on the entire planet. I always thought it was so cool, and even now, I still have it with me where ever I go.

Today though, is time for the last entry to be added to the tape. I fast forward the tape, getting to the end of it in only seconds. The kind of tape Mama put in the box was super long, and could practically hole a lifetime’s worth of recordings. It was like the tech they had in that city called Korhal…but not that that mattered. What mattered now were the last words I’d ever say to my little recorder friend.

“They’re coming for me today.” I started, and then continued, “ I wish I could say, like the star date or something, but we still don’t have a proper clock here and we don’t go to town enough to have anyone tell us what day it is or…” I sigh, and then start again. “..Anyway. Here at least, I know its spring. The fungi trees are blooming like no-one’s business, and the grass is as green as lush as what it ever gets. It is my favorite time of the year, which I guess is kind of fitting for the occasion…being the last time I’ll ever be here to see my favorite time of year again.”

I can feel my voice choking again, but I continue anyway, determined to at least finish this last entry.

“…this is it then. This is the last entry I’ll ever make on this tape. Daddy…if you ever find this…I love you, so much.”

I quietly sniffle, careful not to let the recorder catch it, and turn it off. I wish daddy were here. I wish I could tell him in person. This would have to be good enough. The parts of my life he missed…recorded all for him. A piece of me that would never change.

I smiled a little, and then started to walk up back towards the hut. The light in the window was gone-Mama had probably either gone to sleep, or was reading to herself in her bedroom. I was okay with that though, and I walked up to the hut, the wind blowing into my face and through my hair and clothes. I kneeled as I came up to the porch, and snuck the little recorder under the stairs to it.

“Hiding something, Cassie?” I heard a quiet voice ask from the porch.

It's Shadow! Lol jk. Who knows, but this is every bit as good, if not better, as the original.
You are as good as people say, can't wait for the next bit.
One of the reasons I enjoy reading Mockingjay's work is because I'm a critical person. I can actually enjoy something that is well written because I'm not grumping over mistakes.

Fungi Trees... neat.
"When I think fungi tree I either think a large mushroom, or a tree covered in fungi. When I think beautiful night sky I think a fire burning on the horizon. When I think crying, I think wimp."
Never read this so I look forward to the reboot.


Smylez, you never read Jay the Ghost?

SF, shup.
hey jay glad you're back! hey would you mind joining my new RP its really been down in the dumps if you know what i mean. sometimes i really think i have bad luck with posting RPs cause i always seem to get no recognition for their existence. at least this time Zark joined but.... ok enough with the sad talk WELCOME BACK!
KO: Reaper plox.
Yes KO, I have never read the original. Too lazy to click it and there's a reboot anyhow.

No offense to you Mockingjay if I haven't read the original but the reboot so far is very good. I do enjoy your character's thoughts and your writing style.
Thanks smylez, :P and no offense taken, I hate the Origional a lot anyway, xD
Bumping in 3... 2... 1...


P.S. Oh and if you don't mind me mentioning a few things that might be changed a bit, just some phrasing for the most part (I'm a perfectionist, what can I say :P)

Would probably be better as someone has, just sounds a bit odd.

nebulae after nebulae
Nebulae is plural, nebula is the singular form.

I quickly turn off the tape recorder as it started to play.
You used both past and present tense here, it makes it a bit confusing for the reader.

Aaand that's all. Not that there was anything much (it was very well written actually), but just things to keep in mind for future chapters.
Owl... You need to read tKoP! I'd kill for that kind of feedback.
Yaaaaaayyyyyy! :D
There's a face I ain't seen in awhile.
///Quincy?? (or something else…IDK MUST THINK OF NAMEBLUH)///

Here she was, Miss Cassandra Azura Starlite, just a little story, myth, and oddity in our minds only a few days ago. I’d started tracking her the moment we’d heard word of her in this Fringe World in the outer ring. Wasn’t all that often you’d pick up just a little story like the one we heard up in the Dominion Communications Facility up on this planet’s neighbor, Solaris, only a couple hundred light years away. It also wasn’t often you’d find psionics out here, though it was the easiest place to lose one, or never find one-being so far away from central Dominion space. It was so easy to slip away through the cracks out here…Too bad this psionic wasn’t that good at hiding.

Still, you had to give her a damn good amount of credit. Not often a psionic would live to be so old without even being detected by the Dominion. She was twelve, nearly thirteen years old by my knowledge. Children much younger than her were taken as soon as it was found that they had psionic abilities or had an above average PI. To be thirteen, and still not a part of the Ghost Program-that was a rarity indeed. Almost made me feel a bit guilty for coming to take her…but only almost. I had to put bread on the table somehow, even if just for myself.

The girl stared up at me with an intensity that made me feel at the very least, uncomfortable. Her icy blue eyes didn’t help this, but I couldn’t help but admire their color either. They were a pretty unusual hue, though I’d come to find that some psionics just had strange colored eyes. I’d found some children with eyes that were dark hues of purple, some even with fire or blood colored eyes. Most though, did have pretty normal colors, like greens and blues and browns. These eyes seemed to have the best of both worlds though, these eyes of Miss Starlite, being blue, yet still having a uniqueness of their own.

I smiled, and came out of my corner of shadows and sat at the edge of the porch. She didn’t utter a word, and still stared at me, like I was a math problem to be solved for homework. I guess, now that I thought about it, that was a pretty good analogy. Depending on how high her PI was, she’d probably be going bonkers trying to figure out why she couldn’t read my thoughts or tell what I was feeling just from my head. I assumed this was the case, and smiled a bit more. At least my damn psi screen was working like it was supposed to.

Funny I was thinking about this, because her first words she spoke to me, with a face full of concentration, were: “Why can’t I hear what you’re thinking?”

I laughed. Out of all questions she could have asked me, like: Who are you? What are you doing here? How do you know my name? (All being my favorite first questions, mind you.), she asks that instead. Observant, I’d give her that much.

At least I’d picked up one piece of information from that very first question though, which was good. What she asked told me that she could indeed read minds. It was a very good thing the Dominion gave me the psi screen then. I sure didn’t need a little psionic punk poking around in my head…

“Reasons.” I answer her simply. I counter her with, “What makes you think you could hear what I’m thinking anyway?”

“I’m psionic,” she stated quite plainly to my surprise, “I think that’s reason enough.”

So this one knew what was with her. That’s a bit different, I thought. They typically didn’t know what to call it, hell; they didn’t know what the word meant half the time: psionic.

She then asked as I was pondering this, “Does that surprise you or something? What I said?”

“Actually, yes, it does.” I answer, observing her curiously. She looked like she was doing the same to me, again being pretty darn observant for being just twelve.

“How do you know you’re psionic?” I asked.

“I’m not sure I should tell you.” She answers. “I know you’re with the Dominion.”

“Really now?” I say.

She nodded, and then asked, “Why didn’t you bring soldiers or something? Aren’t you taking me away?”

I just sat there and stared at her, astonished. She knew very well why I was here already, without me even telling her yet, or by reading my mind. Yet then again, from what I heard her saying down the hill, the bits and pieces of what I heard her saying…I guess she did know that it was pretty soon that, someone was coming to get her. How did she know that though?

I nod a bit as an answer, after a moment of thinking. “I don’t do soldiers.” I add. “They make the people I come to retrieve uncomfortable, and more likely to, well…” I let that sentence trail off. I found out early on that if you brought marines with you to come pick up the runts, that they were more likely to either A-Run away, B-Freak out, and C-Cause injuries. A Pyro a while back singed my hair, leaving me partially bald and eyebrowless for a few days, the little bastard. I was more than capable of coming to snatch up the munchkins myself anyway.

The girl nodded after a moment, having a thoughtful expression on her face. She seemed to put two and two together, which actually impressed me a bit. Witty, Clever, Observant…she’d probably be like, an honors student or something at the Academy.

“So, how do you know so much?” I ask.

“Same as before, I don’t think I should tell you.” She responded.

“Aren’t you going to at least give me a little hint or something?” I ask in a joking way.

“Nope.” she says with a small smile.

She made a thoughtful expression again, and asked, “Why are you here to take me away? Were you the first to track me or something?”

I leaned forward, folding my hands together. “Well…yes, I was first to find you. And, as for why I’m here…It’s my job to wrangle up kids like you, who are psionic. That’s why I’m called a Wrangler.”

She gave me a curious look. “A Wrangler?”

I laugh. “Yes. A Wrangler.”

Cassie nodded in a quiet way, and looked sideways, away from me. It took me a moment to realize it was my turn to ask a question. At that moment, I actually didn’t know what to ask. There wasn’t much more for me to try and glean from her. She didn’t want to tell me anything, but that was for her own reasons, and I guess I could at least respect that much.

“Well, Miss Starlite,” I say after thinking for a while. I felt a bit terrible for asking this last question, but somehow, it seemed fitting.

“Ready to go?”

Cassie turned to face me again slowly, then, with a sigh-nod combination, she said:

“It’s not like I have a choice.”

Jay! :D


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