Why are people saying that Terran is weakest

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Marine tank vs infestor ling bane
Que up units and rally.
Pre split if you can
Stim marines
Siege tanks focus shift fire on banes then on investors
At the same time splitting marines even more.
And perhaps a nice drop while fighting and remembering to stim that, focus fire defense, queen, drones then hatchery and escaping without heavy losses.

Scout with king and see army coming.
Spew larvae
Make more banes.
Pre split ling and banes
Spew larvae make more units
A click and spam fungal and infested terrans
While splitting banes and lings
Make more units and spew larvae.
Make more units and spew larvae
Make more units and spew larvae.
In all seriousness seems lot of zerg don't even Pre split lings or split them while chasing stemmed marines or trying to cause more splash damage on other tanks...

Id say mech vs Zerg is a huge pendulum swing.
Terran have to cripple Zerg with one blow or severals. And if zerrg macro gets out of control it becomes difficult same as tvp.

That's 5 larva injects, or a little over 3 minutes of injecting larva. What army takes that long to cross a map? Also, banelings are terrible against siege tanks, taking like 8 to kill one (or 400 minerals and 200 gas). Oh, and infestors's infested terrans are mildly better than marines, and worse if the marines are upgraded. Not to mention the tanks can easily deal with them will before they can become a problem.

Missing a micro'd split can end the Terran army in a second, but thinking that the Zerg has 3 minutes to stop an approaching army is nonsense. A "ling+bling" engagement would take all of 10 seconds, and won't be able to buy three minutes of time either, much less 40 seconds for another inject.
Widow Mines *echo* *echo* *echo* Weak? You're kidding right?
I can't speak for Plat and up but I can say that gold and below Terran is def not stronger and easier to play. Terran is the hardest to play of the 3 with Toss imo being the easiest. If terran doesn't harass and lets either race get into the late game its game over. I haven't been able to get to gold as Terran and was easily able to do it as Z. So coming from the lower leagues perspective Terran for sure has the highest learning curve.
why is it that these types of threads get the most replies?
why is it that these types of threads get the most replies?

its only 3 pages

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