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Name: Roco Gineon
Age: 47
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Dwarven Cartel
Weapons: Clockwork Rifle (Uses Gunpowder charges for each clip, once every round has been fired, he has to insert another charge), Rudely Made Gunpowder Compact Machine Gun (Good for short range, jams quite a lot. Uses some kind of wheel and piston that churns out rounds, can be belt fed or cartridge fed, might also explode in users face), Hand Axe
Appearance: Cleaned up Brown Beard, with somewhat long Brown hair. Has a blind eye in his left from a gunpowder accident when he was younger. Armor is usually leather for the added mobility.
Backstory: Poor, poor Roco, growing up in the dreaded slums of one of the Mountain Dwarven Cities. Like many poor Dwarfs, he was put into slavery (servitude) and was put into the mines to work. One dreaded night shift in the mines, they were trying to blow up a nearby boulder with some Gunpowder Kegs... Boy was that a doozy! None of them could get out of the blast in time as a chain reaction occurred. Taking the lives of at least a dozen Dwarfs and Slaves, while injuring twenty-five including Roco. He gained a gift from it as well. Then four months later when he was a stocky Dwarf at the age of 17... The Cartel freed some of the Dwarf Slaves... Later trained to be an enforcer rumor has it. Then rumors have it that he's protecting a high ranking Dwarf Official in some mine as to change laws... But these are only rumors and shouldn't be given as truth... Or should they?

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