The Dime and Spectre: KnarledOne's PRP Inn #2

Joeyray's Bar
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It has come to my attention that the inhabitants of these forums are far more cultured and civilized than those of the surrounding areas, and thus need some place to immerse themselves in high class culture, the kind NOT possessed by Thunder’s and Zanon’s PRP Bar. The code of conduct contains only seven words: I reserve the right to shoot you. I have an authentic Zanon Revolver Replica, and I am not afraid to use it. Also, many of the items sold here are made to honor the greatest of RPs and RPers. So, without further ado:

Drink menu.

The Smylez: This drink is completely harmless (please ignore the green smoke) and will do absolutely no damage to your liver and kidneys. Seriously.

Popsicle: Perfect for when the creative juices of your mind are depleted. A favorite of popular author Mockingjay.

The Zanon: Peace, order and justice. Gunpoint to follow.
A Warhawk creation.

Korhallian Burgundy: Extremely flammable. Trust me, I know. *shudder*

The Breakout: Causes you to feel increasingly epic until you suddenly pass out right before reaching maximum awesomeness.

Mothership: It seems like it would be a really great idea, but it costs a ton, and it’s so big you can only have one at a time.
An Owlfeathers drink.

Food menu.

Terran food.

Spectre Scone: Has been know to cause a Crash.


Doom Shrooms: Destroys everything you hold dear. It won’t be hard.

Meat Pie: Actually, no… I have no idea what kind of meat that is… hm. Smells like kitten, maybe.

Scone: Comes in virtually any flavor you can imagine.

Tea and Biscuits: Anyone asking for an explanation will be shot.

Zerg food.

Changeling Swirl (ice cream): The most tasty swirl you'll ever taste. Specially made by a subzero ice cream dispenser created by a certain hybrid. It moves ever so slightly. Induces severe giddiness and euphoria. Don't mind the constant chattering in your head. It'll go away after it takes over your brain.
A Smylez creation.

Marine: Boiled until the shell takes on a delicious red color… or, blue color… or green… you know, I’m beginning to think they already looked like that.

Creepshake: Yes, this is considered food. Haven’t you ever tried to eat Creep? A favorite of famous RPer Vultureling.

Live Creep: In case you think eating needs to be an extreme sport.

Broodling Legs: Get over it. Zerg eat Zerg.

Fried Liver: It seems strangely familiar…

Protoss “food”:

Psi Cherries: Psionic fruit?

Mashed Potatoes: Absorb the tastiness!

Additional Comments:

Please don’t set the liquor on fire, or we’ll have to ask you to leave.

There aren’t any Roaches in the back… but I AM a Roach, so that would be redundant.

Smylez is in charge when I am not around.
Place for honoring random people.

ShadowFury is currently honored, just because he's awesome, and he asked me to make a new Inn (even though the only reason he wanted it was so he could destroy the Bar with a black hole).
Greetings One-Who-Was-Never-To-Return.

You just missed my second retirement. It went about as well as the first one. As you can see, I have moved up in the world from mere Sheriff to Glorious Leader :)
I still have my badge though.

How has life treated you since we last 'spoke' in the DA chatroom?

------------------Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 16)------------------

Will be open momentarily.

Sheriff to Glorious Leader :)

Glorious Leader :)

Objection! His title is "Our Glorious Dictator!" Nothing more, nothing less!
Anyone know where I can get a good pulled pyg sandwich?

*combat reflexes*

*jump out of clinic*


ShadowFury, will you get punted to the clinic, or will we have one of those epic battles that involves epic lasers and teleporting?
So, I take it you were kicked out of the Bar and came here? Good choice. Have a drink on the house, and a Biscuit.
Actually I was wondering where I could get a sandwich, but then my combat reflexes kicked in because of ShadowFury...
"I am one of the Generals of Chaos. Only Zarkun, Zanon, and ThunderCrash have a chance against me."
Chaos won't affect me. I wield the last ShadowBlade in existance, couple that with a psionic class of 9001....

Can't wait to see this one.

@KnarledOne Get your Inn shielded NOW.
*Coughs* Not going to say anything, SF.
I grab Jester and slowly integrated him into my own energy, a painful process for him, not so for me. His blood is kept perfectly still, not going anywhere, and his organs stop moving. His entire body was paralyzed. I had absorbed his hands and feet when I throw him into my Shadow Realm. "Enjoy some torture for the next 2 minutes."
I step from the shadows and shake my head. "I have clones of clones. Oh, by the way, that one will survive for another fifteen million years before it begs for mercy. That is, if I don't decide to kill it now." In the Shadow Realm, the clone disappears in a blue mist.
Er... if you need a drink before that duel...
This is gonna get good....
or bad....
Bad. Definitely bad.
Just as I suspected... the fight will look cool though
Shrug. "We won't fight, mostly because if we attempt to kill each other, nether of us will win, we'll just keep setting up clones, decoys and other chaotic mishaps involving woopie cushions, Shadow creatures, and other....misshapen things."
"Also SlnderBurrito will get a headache and murder us all."
"Oh, and that too. Though, never seen him kill anyone, but The Changeling's rage is, I'm told, something to be feared."

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