The Dime and Spectre: KnarledOne's PRP Inn #2

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12/29/2012 05:49 PMPosted by Jester
"We won't fight, mostly because if we attempt to kill each other, nether of us will win, we'll just keep setting up clones, decoys and other chaotic mishaps involving woopie cushions, Shadow creatures, and other....misshapen things."

That sounds like how my Tech Legion works... I love how they always send my holograms.... and then they get captured and explode! Funny...

As for SlnderBurito I havent seen what makes him so insanely fearsome... but I have a feeling that will come soon enough...

The Changeling I have seen in action.... *shudder* Its horrible....
"How the heck does a Hologram damage something? It has no mass, nothing to let it attack, let alone explode. And SlenderBurito is HBRB, who is, in turn, The Changeling. We've confirmed it multiple times." I glance at SF.
12/29/2012 06:13 PMPosted by Jester
Hologram damage something

I have used special technology that amplify them... also I cheated by adding cloning technology in the mix, making explosive solid holograms.

12/29/2012 06:13 PMPosted by Jester
We've confirmed it multiple times."

Well, I've just entered this forum about 2 days ago..... so I'm not up to date on half this stuff.
So... Didn't know that Holograms could be solid, but okie? If anything, it would be somewhat like electrical discharge when it disperses... But that's about it.
Its hard as heck to explain.
I cough, but don't say anything. I teleport away to my lab.
Knarled. Get me my favorite.
*Waits a minute, before I frown*
Oh, right... I haven't told you it in this timeline...
The Contamination:
Creep combined with a dose of superviruses, which turn it into something that can only appear to you people as a chocolate milkshake. But to me... I see it as a dose of control... it is the only thing more potent than the Hyper-Evolutionary Virus... This doesn't just infest you... it reprograms you violently until you are simply a shell of your former self... a shell that may be a bit psychotic and lacking in the moral department... but that's alright~
Er... let me check in the back.

*crashing sounds*

You're in luck, this is the last bottle. BTW, I posted the next part of the Trial of the Second Door in the Bar.
*I smile, and instead of drinking it, I walk away with it, after paying of course, in the form of recently spawned crystalisks, hulking creatures that grow rich minerals from their bodies, and can produce them infinitely, as long as they are fed for.* Found them on a planet called Pandora. Neat little guys... I may or may not have copied the genetic code, but I think that more than covers my entire stay... infinitely.
"Good game, good game." I nod.
Hmm... I suppose that form of payment is acceptable in this case.

Though I prefer cash... then again, most people don't pay at all...

*continues muttering*
I smack Knarled. "No money for you. I pay you by not destroying this place."
Not to mention punting, incinerating, and eating miscreants. Have a drink on the house.
I'd like One Breakout. Also some mashed potatoes please.
I gave you money to kickstart this failing business. It would have been another Kay-Oh! (hah!) if it were not for my 100% clean money.

Here's your order.
Thank you, "Glorious Dictator" Smylez. *tosses a bunch of credits to whoever's tending the place*

Yum... mashed potatoes.
This Breakout is so awesome... (5 seconds later) *I pass out from awesomeness*
12/30/2012 05:21 PMPosted by xer
"Glorious Dictator" Smylez.

I snipe xer in the head. "You and I both know who the real Dictator is, smylez, and it ain't you."
I said that Smylez calls Zanon, "Glorious Dictator" .......
*dizzily and bleeding* Ow... and did you notice the quotes? I know hes not the real dictator. *pass out*

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