The Dime and Spectre: KnarledOne's PRP Inn #2

Joeyray's Bar
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"I'm hurt! Deeply hurt by such accusations! Are you calling into question my honesty and integrity? I am the most civilized person right here! I don't go blowing off peoples fingers or toes. I don't disturb the peace!"
"You harvest livers and kidneys for fun. You attempt to shut down the Bar, run by the most powerful man on these forums, and you don't disturb the peace? You sir, are blinded by pride."
"Oh! Woe! Woe is me! My work has been misunderstood! How will simpletons ever grasp my great designs? They do not! They simply do not! My dearest Zar-kun, my harvesting is for the greater good of science I assure you; the bar to replace a corrupted and worthless owner for the greater good of society and by doing so, help the original bar owner. I am a visionary, a being that will bring good tidings to this hovel on this rock! You sir, are blinded by incompetence and your own vanity!"
"Incompetence and vanity? Since when is the greater good ok with murder? And slander? Bah, I waste my time with you." I leave the Inn, Oridi moving to orbit the bar.
"He cannot face the truth."
"You strive for evil medicinal science, my dear fellow chaos general."
"I am science my fellow blood soaked comrade."
"You don't strive to solve poverty, how does that make you science's good for, my medicinal companion?"
"Where will you be without suffering?"
"I can manage well enough without poverty. Healthy prey is so much funner to hunt."
"Ah but suffering causes mortals to behave in such wondrous, sinful ways! I collected so much good data by observing the suffering of others!"
So you 2 are bickering over chaos.... You both control, just use it the way you want to use it!
"A discussion! A discussion Mr. Xer!"
The suffering of one,
is pleasure to none.
None, besides me that is~
Though, perhaps this arm was his...
Does it matter?
His head is on the platter...
and his mind, is all but mine~
His will is lost...
His death was for naught...
and tonight
he dines
in hell.
Nice poem...
So, what do they serve in hell?
*Is so tempted to kill xer... and tell him to relay the information on his experience...*
Sorry, I have a strict "No Dying" Policy on myself. I can't die anymore.
*pushes Fleet-B-Gone button*

There is a loud flushing noise as all the warships, fighters, and ground units are siphoned through a plot-hole and into an unexpecting universe.

Please, no fleets allowed.

Here are your Mashed Potatoes, Xer. I see Smylez got your Breakout for you.
Thanks... yum.... best potatoes I've ever had!

Is there any way to make Smylez shut up?
"No, now stuff your face in with more delicious potaters!"

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