The Dime and Spectre: KnarledOne's PRP Inn #2

Joeyray's Bar
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Adolf Hitler was a P3n!s Potato. C:
Just a friendly reminder;
For those the the RP DarkBlade,
do not forget about it!!!!

It's kinda been neglected.
War, Story. That is all.
A patron! SO good to see you Mr. Zarkun. Would you like something to drink?
A little late there KO, I'll have the tea & biscuits with mashed potatoes.
"Oh dear, I opened a wormhole. Give me a minute to close it down."
Just don't let any worms get in here. They'll slime up the floor.

Here is your tea and biscuits, I'll have Gishnik fix your potatoes.
"Smells a little funny on the other side. I'll be back!"
This will not end well, mark my words.
Well, at least Smylez will be gone for a few minutes (hours,days years?).
I guess that's how we make him shut up... he's been quite annoying lately.
Hmm... what to order....
I take out xer's left hand. "He's not annoying, he's eccentric."
What's the difference?
Hmm.... what to order....

Anyway, does anyone know when the next bar thread is coming out? Everyone was engaged in a battle and the thread filled up so....
First, ignore supaflyz's thread. He's not authorized. So the thread should be up today.
Yes, ignore his thread. Get your drinks here!

What's the difference? It's still Zanon's PRP.
The difference is that unless he asks, no one else is supposed to start his thread.
Enjoy waiting then!
In the meantime:

"How does that make sense if no one pays anyways?"
HBRB payed.

See, if you would just pay you could get half off.

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