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Abyss will eat it for you... Zarkun and Koro...
Mecha, you told me to respond, so you better well damned respond.
01/12/2013 09:07 AMPosted by Korozain
No, let the cat be in the vents... *Whispers to Koro about DMing a Zergling or two in the vents that eat the cat and chase after James*
I have a better idea. Just keep goin.
Seeing the silhouette, I walk up and lop the rest of it's head off before continuing to the stairs.

"Vhat the hell happened to zis place?"
OOC: Why the f*ck do you keep KOS'ing? YOU DONT KNOW THEY ARE ENEMIES!
IC Jane: I move into the room and I see the creature. I try not to gasp at what they did to this poor man. I realized that this is what the "Swarm" as I heard the little voices say in my head many time. THe voices which had felt like the soft chirping of grasshoppers now seemed like the terrifying and insidious whine of a swarm of locusts. I slowly bvack away from the man, trying not to provoke it.

IC: James: I see a familiar figure, a black angry persian cat giving me an evil stare like he is saying why didnt you get my out of here earlier you %*@**%*@ "Trogdar!!!!!" I say as the grateful though grumpy cat walks behind me as if to make sure if something came through the tunnel it would eat me first. Even though the cat is definately selfish I still give him a big hug and kiss once I gett outside the vent and seal it. "I though you were gone old buddy!!!" as I set down a dish of food and water.
Abyss saw the woman. Angry for some reason, just then he was calm. His master wants him to kill the one who didn't submit. The one who apparently has freewill! Any that are abominations to the swarm shall die!

A bone like blade came out of his hand, the tendrils gripping furiously towards Jane.
The cat just stares at it.
IC Jane: I started to ssprint away, having gotten a hang how to use my strange new legs to the beast and I turned a corner in an attempt to loose the "Infested" and I quickly move into a nearby vent nd pull the cover pack over it and silently moving through, knowing my quick headstart would only last for a few seconds and the creature would catch up quickly I knew hiding was my best option.
Oh for the love of....I'mma gonna kill something...
01/12/2013 09:28 AMPosted by Korozain
The cat just stares at it

????????? You do realize this is a good friend to James even though he is a @#!%!##*.
And he's the DM. You already made an incorrect assumption with the cat anyways.
IC James: I look at Trogdar and laugh "Well old buddy I know you like better food than this but its all we have and you will eat it eventually."
Keira stomps around in the hallways, all the while burning away the purple gunk.
Sol sighed, her breath was heavy and cold. This mission had turned into a disaster... Because it was went to be so. {You wont know if I'm infected... That's the sad part. I don't know if I can trust you, but you don't know if you can trust me.... Let's meet up near th-....}

The comm traffic was disrupted and the connection was lost.
OOC: Ummm CR, respond to me pweez
OOC: Won't kill it right now. It will not survive though.
Koro, I'm waiting on you...
OOC: Sorry, out on a road trip from where I was able to ride in the trunk of my jeep when I was going back.

IC: "True. But let us go to the Armory, I think there's a few survivors down there." I start off towards that direction.

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