The Outbreak: Revived

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I nod and Jack follows, Reavis watching our six and me the side halls. "You have any idea how many actually survived?"
Ummmmm CR........
ZARKUN!?!? You're... not... the medivac..
"BOOM BABY!" I send Mark flying with Punisher Grenades.
Abyss was walking the halls... Stalking the freak that found free will already for some odd and stupid reason. It didn't please the Overmind, especially since that would've been really hard to do, or through magical abilities that involved writing to escape such a fate so soon.


Sol tried to become reconnected with the Ghost Operative that the Confederates sent.... No use.
IC Jane: I crawl though the vents, having gotten myself lost awhile ago.

OOC: Where the hell is your Sol chick CR..
She will kill an infected person without thinking twice... So if Jane goes through there... She dies.

IC: Abyss searched severely for the Freak.

Sol in the meantime was back on the computer... Still trying to obtain connection again.
{Hello?} I test after the officer cuts off. I curse, and send out another psionic message.
Meet where? You cut off. It shakes a nest, with more Zerglings coming in. I set some on fire, and throw their blade arms into one another. It was just one medic, the firebat, and a marine from the squad, which was expected.
Sol had heard the psionic voice.... That was one thing she hated about them when they ever tried to do that. She had no way of communicating back. "Ghosts... They never do learn that we can't talk to them that way..." Fiddling with the communication until the computer gave in with a crash.
I can read your thoughts, if you haven't noticed by now. I reply, setting another charred Zergling corpse into the other live ones.
"What'll you know... Someone who doesn't respect privacy..." Sol was going to get her gear ready, it would be a dangerous and short trek to go from Point A to Point B even.
As I crawl through the vents I start to yawn "Damn I am tired." I said to myself before trying to find the most comfortable position before I fell asleep, my legs twitching which caused a faint though distinctive scratching sound

OOC: Im open to anyone hearing me though CR she is fair away from Abyss but otherwise she could be anywhere otherwise.
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OOC: Why the f*ck do you keep KOS'ing? YOU DONT KNOW THEY ARE ENEMIES!

That was my reply Dac
"My guess is 4, I could be wrong." I keep walking. We arrive at the floor where the cocoons were. They are all gone.


We are soon attacked by swarms of the Hounds. (As I like to call them.)
ummmmmmmm guys......
Jack's flamethrowers come to life, roasting anything that got too close and Reavis and I open fire, tearing through them. "Where the hell did these come from?!"
"One of your dumb@ss marines pulled an L. Jenkins... Woke up the entire motherf*ckin' nest that is this floor..."
I sigh, keeping up the rate of fire and catching one on my bayonet. "Damn you Jeremiah...." I kick it off and resume firing. After a bit, they finally start to thin. "Looks like we live to fight another wave."
IC: I hear gunfire and think to myself that their could be rescuers but I realize I would get shot. I sigh and think of times past but it is blurry and I start to to sob, scared, mad, and afraid all at the same time, not caring who or what hears me.

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