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That...was a very bad idea Mecha. They aren't even thinking about who might be free willed, they're fighting to survive, meaning you'll get shot. I'll give you a chance to edit, and if it isn't edited by the time Koro posts, Jane is dead.
OOC: Lucky. I was doing something so... She didnt die...

IC: The Zerg fall one by one, luckily they were just born so they were easier to kill...

"One more level and that one should be clear."
Better. I know that sounded like I was being a !!*#*!#@, but your person would have died then and there if I'd just gone with what you posted.
Well you can definately hear her if your near a vent cover cause shes crying PRETTY hard.
Well now it doesn't look like a xeno is trying to ambush them. It sounds like a scared survivor.
Of course, Korozain may want to investigate as he's the ghost. Jake, Reavis and Jack are all normal.
01/12/2013 09:20 AMPosted by Korozain
OOC: Why the f*ck do you keep KOS'ing? YOU DONT KNOW THEY ARE ENEMIES!
Because that's how my character rolls.
OOC: -_-

You see an unknown person, who's probably injured, and you kill them immediately.

IC: "Who's crying?" I scan the crying persons thoughts to try to find them, and find out why they're crying.
OOC: "The man you had "killed" earlier slumps toward you, his head hangs off to the side of his head. He is merely a silhouette in the darkness, so you cannot see what he really looks like."

If he doesn't say anything, and if you describe him like this, I'm gonna assume it's an infected.
Still should check. Your person doesn't really know and therefore would be looking for others. Unless he thinks he's a one man survival team. Then he'll just die.

IC: I hear it as well and shrug. "Might be someone in the vents. Seems to be the only place the things aren't coming from."
OOC: Ummm guys????

IC Jane: I conyinue to sob and I feel something human trying to probe my thoughts and I intially lash out for a second (Zerg are Psi sensitive so she would know if a ghost was probing her thoughts) before giving in, not caring (though whatever happened before her infestation woukld be unreachable as comin out early screwed up her memory) who or what probed her mind.
OOC: sorry to double post but guys....
"10 meters. This way" i use a crate to help myself up and open the vent hatch.
Mecha, if we're not active for an HOUR. Just be patient.

If its like a day or something. Then remind us, okay?
IC: I look and see the vent hatch opening and sob "Don't kill me, please dont kill me" and I scoot back from the opening.
I nod to Jack and Reavis and they take up guard positions while I follow Korozain. "You know, something tells me that going home after this mission isn't an option..."
"Don't worry, I'm here to do the exact opposite. I won't drag you out though. Just know we are here to help you." I then jump down and wait for her to crawl back out.
I move as well. "You get a look at them?"
I decide to eventually come out and I hop down and try to hide the claws on the end of my finger and I am breathing heavily in anxiety knowing I cannot hide my legs or the oaccasional spike popping out of my skin.

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