The Outbreak: Revived

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I raise my rifle, confusion on my face. Clearly she'd started getting turned into one, but...she didn't finish. "What the hell?!"
I cover my face and pleed "Don't kill me please do not kill me just because they messed me up!!!"
Jack steps behind her just in case and I keep my rifle level with her. "Easy now, I won't do anything violent if you don't, but I'm not putting my life on the line for you until Korozain clears you."
" Not much to look in my head since they scrwed up my memory, all I remember is a few things before they messed me up." The voices had grown intense with most of them telling me to bring the ghost to them and I would be accepted into the Swarm the way I am and the commands got angrier and more intense and a headache starts to split through my head before the voices started to die down to locust whine they normally where.
"There should be enough of your intentions, which is what we need."

OOC: Koro, wherefore art thou?
"On second." I approach her, look into her eyes, then I scan her mind, to ensure she isn't trying to kill us.
I stumble upon the kitchen and check for food and curse and continue through the halls.
You find that It is no ambush but you hear lots of disturbing little voices which launch a psionic attack at you they keep chanting "Go away Terran go away!!!!!!!"
I remain ready, with Jack ready at a twitch of his fingers. "Well?"
I hold my temple with a hand, "She's still in there but this... Swarm... is fighting to make her one of them. She comes with, but if she starts actin' off, tell me..." I hold my rifle over my shoulder and start to walk towards the stairs.
"Thank you for not killing me because the "Swarm" as they call themselves !@#$ed me up. I will try to help you guys as much as possible."
I stop. "As far as I know, you could be our best weapon. They could try to change you, but I can feel that you are stronger to resist them, and if so, you could use their secrets and even new power, against them." With that, I continue on the path I was walking on.
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I shrug and signal to follow Korozain. "Glad to not have to kill you. I've killed more civilians today than in the course of my entire career."
I stop once more, this time I lower my gun, "don't keep score, these aren't people anymore... They are... Infected... Defiled... Plagued... They don't know what to do rather than follow the voices commanding them... It's... Pathetic really..." I bring up my rifle again and walk.
"They were not civilians after they were reborn, putting them out of their misery is the best thing you could do, I met on earlier who Is still searching for me and he is a broken husk." I say in deep sorrow.
I sigh and mutter to myself. "One of them is a Ghost and the other is like the ones I've already killed, of course they don't understand how I think." I keep walking, watching for more of them.
We make it to the armory, the door is open.
I trek back towards the armory and see a couple people. I move behind cover quickly, my armor being lighter and slimmer, my suit creating dart.
I groan and ready my rifle. "That can't be a good sign."

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