The Outbreak: Revived

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Ummm should I IC James?????
Idk I'm getting off for bed soon.
Me to but why is zee door open????
William went in earlier remember
He closed it.
That is true, I did close it.
Feck, well.... INCOMING!

DM: Something slithers around inside the Armory, alerting all.

IC: I walk in cautiously and look around.
I hear the slithering and load a round into the chamber. "Sweep and clear?"
"One second, I know there was a girl in here, and a marine and possibly some others. You guys stay back, I'll go in first." I bring up a pistol and my knife and walk in, slowly.
I head over towards the small group, the dart being disassembled as I walked. "Who are you?"
"Ghost Agent X249762K, but I go by Korozain. Who are you?"
IC James: Just as I was finishing knitting the little back pack that I would use to carry Trogadar around I heard a strange noise followed by the angry wail of a scared cat. I saw Trogdar run up me like I was a tree until he was perched on my sholder like a bird screaming bloody murder and I slowly grab my pistol and chamber the round as I see something move around in the shadows.

IC: Jane I hear the slithering and one voice in my head seems particularly close and It seemed, stronger than the ones belonging to the little ones. "Guys, this one might not be a cal walk." I then heard a wailing banshee sound coming from the inside of the armory which I faintly remember as belonging to an animal on the ship that I knew well.
"Keira Harley, head engineer." I answer, my flamethrowers ready
"Military doesn't have to ID themselves, just know we're what's left of the rescue team."
IC Jane: For some reason the sight of the flame thrower made my skin tingly and it started to break out in goosebumps. "Uhhh after you guys do away with whatever is in the armory can you put that away please???" I say as I clench and unclenched my clawed hands and moved my talons on my feet around.
Jack shakes his head. "Roasting can only be done with flamethrowers out." The grin comes through in his voice and I shake my head as Reavis facepalms.

"It might make you uncomfortable, but this is hostile territory. Meaning we stay armed and ready."
"Not funny man, how would you like where you can go through your brethrens memories after they die and personally feel them being roasted to a crisp, not fun and what sucks is I cannot fully access it so anything useful like thoughts and stuff is unavailable, just stuff like their last moments or whenever they mauled a person."
A (hydralisk) serphent-like creature with a large head whos armor is quite thick and large talons strikes through one of the shelves and crashes through, going for Keira and I.
OOC: Everyone but James is outside da Armory right????
I shake my head as Jack chuckles. "Korozain's been through the memories of the others. They only think kill."

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