The Outbreak: Revived

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(Keira and I are in as well) It launches its claws at me, I catch them, but this thing's strength is incredible. I teek it to the wall and crush its mind just before it splats.

In fatigue, i hunch forward, panting. "What... The hell... Was that!?"

I think I'm starting to get the answer for why the Confederates sent a Ghost on a simple mining ship...
I hear the splat and Reavis, Jack and I rush in, searching the room before approaching Korozain, noting the dead serpent thing nearby. "What happened?"
"Some... Swarm !@#$ thing ambushed me." I notice the younger guy behind me in the corner. "You alright?"
I start burning the body. "What the f*ck was that serpent thing?"
"Another one of the Xeno's. They are called the Swarm, or something like that." I say making sure it's dead.
"Yeah well when they are all brothers and sisters in a weird way and their voices are going through your head about the Swarm and the glorious Overmind and the people they killed, for instance I named the one you just killed Steve since he tore apart a man named Steve???" I say as a slight tear crosses my eye over it but I clear my head and think about the fact that someone and something are in the armory and I start to wallk in.
I watch the girl carefully and lean into Korozain. "You sure we can trust her? This Swarm seems to be getting more of a grip."
"She's fighting. I'll know if they assume full control, if so. I'll do to her, what I did to this thing." I say pointing at the corpse, blood gushing from its eyes and many fractured bones.
I nod. "Just making sure." I then look at the armory. "Wow, they really didn't expect trouble on some unexplored planet, did they?"
I stand still, "I think they did. And didn't give a damn..." I say darkly.
"Sounds like the Confederacy. You should know, they have a kill team on board, sent separate from my unit to find and kill any survivors."
I stomp on the head of the serpent and check out for something. I grab a couple of the grenade launchers or rifles. "Which should I grab?"
I hear voices. They are trying to breach my conscience... I hold my head, trying to resist. I hold a hand out and use the wall for support.

They are not audible... But I do hear some words.

New... Child... Swarm... Overmind...
I rest a hand on Korozain's shoulder. "You ok?"
Sorry about the delay.

IC: Abyss trailed the halls... He was angry, sad, lonely, broken. Life could have never turned into such a dark envision. Even as the madness consumed him, a voice spoke nearby. A cry perhaps? A weeping mother crying over the loss of her husband... And the perfect bait to use.


Sol felt a pound at the door, the echoing voices of something mindless. But her orders were simple enough... Kill everyone that has entered the ship, or assist within the mind wipe. No one will be allowed to now the true fate that befallen here. A clicking sound occurred, as the sounds of a magazine dropped onto the floor of the Gun, easily putting in another.
Summary please? I'm determined to keep up with this one but I've been gone for a few days.
"Ghosts never feel pain... I can no longer say that about myself... Something's trying to breach my mind..." I put my back to the wall and slide down.

"Thanks for caring." I say, not trying to be rude or sarcastic. It's quite unusual that a Terran shows any concern to a Ghost.
I raise my visor, and nod, the look on my face one that belonged to that of an older man. "Whether or not you realize it, you're more than a Ghost. You've proven that by making sure the others survived."
I take off my mask and attempt a smile, it comes out as a little smirk. "I'll be up in a bit. Keep watch on our friend, and make sure this area is secure."
I nod, my visor dropping back down and I stand up, signalling for a sweep and secure of the room. I go towards the front, Jack the door, and Reavis the back.

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