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The voice returns...

Cannot win... The Swarm... Control...

"Get out of my head, you b4stard..." I get up and sheathe my pistols, then take up my rifle and slowly make my way outside as I put my mask back on.
Jack watched. "Hey, what am I supposed to tell the First Sergeant?"
"Tell him that there are confirmed Xenos here... But I'm pretty sure thats old news to the higher ups..." I say as I walk out.
So... Summary or should I kill my character?
01/16/2013 01:54 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
So... Summary or should I kill my character?
Hmm... I was expecting them to give it to you? Personally I don't know much on what's going on? I'll make sure to get Korozain to tell you once he gets on.
Thanks CR, that means alot! :D
01/16/2013 02:03 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
Thanks CR, that means alot! :D
The reason why I'm not telling you the summery... Is because I'm terrible at them.
You are now in the Armory with James and three armed, clearly military, personnel. Go.
William stood up and approached the closest armed military man. "When did you guys get here? I was a little... Um... Incapacitated."
"We arrived..." I check my mission timer and curse. "Roughly 30 mikes ago. And it too less than ten for those things to kill the rest of my unit."
"Wait..." William perks up and is overwhelmed with excitement. "So you're the rescue crew?"
"What's left of it, and that's assuming we can stop the mind wipe crew."
"The... Mind wipe crew?" William asked, looking around.
OOC: What happened, I caught up with the Rescue guys and on my way there, a marine pulls a "Leeroy Jenkins" (thank Zarkun for that troll from what my char said...) and then we found an infested woman (Jane) who is fighting the infestation. Then as we made our way back, the hatchery I slipped by disappeared and we were ambushed (this is where we found Jane) and we came back here, I got attacked by a Hydralisk (I call em Serpents) and I was contacted by the Overmind and it will cause some major plot things in some time.

Thanks koro! So you are just now getting back to the armory?
We got here a bit ago, we were just leaving. Sadly Mecha hasnt been on in a bit so... JAmes's reaction must wait, and I kinda wanted to see how he reacted to a xeno splatting on a nice, clean wall.
Where is Korozain? Like... The ghost?
Korozain is outside with the others I believe.
So they already left? Is there a way William could go with them? I don't even know where they're going...
They are outside the Armory... Like, right at the door...

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