The Outbreak: Revived

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Oh, okay.


[Zarkun's response]

"Okay, excuse me" William says politely, heading for the door to look for Korozain.
I am leaning on the wall, 2 fingers and thumb rest on my forehead as I lean on the wall.
"Koraziam, mind filling me in?" I ask, getting closer. Once we were within whispering distance I ask quietly, careful not to offend anyone.

"Who are these guys?"
I rub my skull some, then look at him. "Rescue. The rest are dead or are trying to erase us. The girl is someone we found that's fighting the Xenos' virus."
"The girl?" William asks, looking over his shoulder. Seeing the mutated monster I scream a low scream and jump back.

"That girl!?" I ask, jabbing a finger in her direction.
"Yes. While she does seem like one of the infected, she is fighting and I'm keeping her in check. So you can come with us, or go on your own. Your choice."
I chuckle and load a round into my rifle's chamber. "Just gonna warn you though, these things wiped out trained military personnel in less than 10 mikes, or minutes in civilian time. If you go off on your own, have a nice funeral." Reavis was grabbing ammunition and he pulled out a grenade satchel, handing it to me.

"This got caught on my rifle butt in the engineering bay. Knowing the egg heads, it's not gonna run out anytime soon." I take it and nod, attaching it to my waist.
I chamber the SMG to make sure a round is loaded in. "Lets go. To the bridge." I start walking immediately after I finish speaking.
William watched as they walked off. He looked back in the armory and then ran after them.

"Wait up!" He called, catching up to them.

"Where are we going?" He whispered, reloading his handgun.
"Bridge." I say quickly, and sternly.
"Why?" I ask just as quick, but nowhere near as stern.
"Because that's where the ship schematics are and a good solid place to hole up in." I watch the vents while Jack takes point and Reavis watches the rear and halls.
As we make our way through the halls. The ships interior seems like it was torn... And we start to hear... Crying...
"What the hell is that?" William asks in a frustrated voice as he looks around, trying to identify it's source.
I glance at Jane then shake my head. signalling for a sweep formation. "Sounds like a trap of some kind."
"Do traps sound like crying babies to you?"
"These things seem hyper adaptive. What ever you do, don't take anything at face value."
"Including you?" I ask, hoping to trap him logically.
I turn to him. He can't see my face. But my mind sends him a feeling of anger to him in a very unpleasant manner.
I raise my visor, the face beneath grim and serious. "Boy, if I wanted you dead, you think I'd have waited until you were out here to do it?"

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