The Outbreak: Revived

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"First Sergeant?" I say looking at Jake.
I nod and pull the pin, tossing it in. After it goes off, I duck in and sweep the corners, Reavis and Jack right behind me.
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IC James: I whistle and say happily "I am SOO glad im not a soldier."
No he isn't. But we can go anyways.
Eh, okay.

IC: A woman is inside, in a corner. She holds her ears from the flashbang. The lighting is oddly bright in this room, and there is blood along the walls, ceiling and floor.
"I don't like this..." Reavis remains ready while I pull in the janitor.

"Guess what? You've just been drafted. Welcome to the military."
I hand him my spare pistol. "Standard issue, my friend." I then go in and search around the corners.
IC James:"Uhhhhh how do you use this thing????? is it like a spray bottle were you squezee the trigger." I say as I gently grab it though not gentle enough as the gun goes off, almost blowing my foot off. "Holy !@#$!!!" I say as I back away from the weapon lying on the ground.
"Pick it up, Private. Your life is dependent on your using that weapon. Just point and squeeze the trigger, but don't you point it at some one you don't intend to kill."
"Ummmm I'm a janitor not a soldier and what if the gun goes off accidentally??"
I show him the safety. "Flip it up to turn on the safety, and down to fire. Prevents accidental discharge. As for your being 'just' a janitor, that changed five minutes ago."
"Ummm I don't really like the sight of blood, I kindve vomit all over the place so I dont't think me being a soldier is a good idea but I can prevent .you from catchin the flu." I say handing him a baby wipe.
I sigh. "Look, you've been drafted by the need to survive. You're going to have to kill and no longer be squeamish. You want to live, grow a pair."
"I guess you don't enjoy the thought of manhood then..." I say, signaling all clear. "Check up on the woman over there, someone."
"Ummm but you're not a drafter... And umm me pukin everywhere is worse than not shooting when I am standing around puking. Also not all men are brain washed weapons designed to kill the government's enemies."
I shake my head and approach the woman. "That'll change when they go to swarm us. And no one in my unit was resocialized. Our Old Family backing refuses to allow it."
"Brain-washed? Ha! I chose to do this." I say, looking at my knife.
"Last I heard ghosts were taken in as children and brain washed until they enjoyed doing that kind of stuff."
I scoff, checking the woman for injuries. "Then you don't know as much as the public thinks it does. It takes volunteers." I sigh, remembering Hank, and check the woman's eyes. "I would know."

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