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Fine, lol, whatever.


William Kicked the door's console and it opened. A small creature shrieked and screamed. William put on a scowl and put ten shots in it's head. It fell to the ground and began to groan. William let out a war cry and put ten more rounds all over it's body. He then began beating it's face with his fists.
I sat in my kitchen, looking around at the bodies of my colleagues. “Well,” I began in my heavy French accent, “Now I have nobody to help me cook...nor do I have anyone to eat my food.” suddenly, I hear creaking nearby. I grab my butcher knife just in time to kill the wretched creature, before sitting back down, and eating some noodles. Dry. I waited there, wondering if I’d ever see another human...a real human, that is. I also wondered how these creatures tasted, and started up the stove to try it out. *** I swear as the creature burns, making it inedible. “I suppose I won’t see how that tastes then.”, putting out the kitchen fire I’d carelessly started.
When William heard a cracking bone after he struck the creature he knew it was time to stop beating the dead... Whatever it was. He examined his bloody hands, then looked around. Purple goop covered the floors.

"What the..." He asked himself, eyes gazing towards the ceiling.

edit-premature posting. Apparently space bar = submit.
That...makes no sense...
What makes no sense?
01/05/2013 12:58 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
What makes no sense?

01/05/2013 12:55 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
space bar = submit.
01/05/2013 12:55 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
space bar = submit.

^THAT makes no sense.
When I hit the spacebar it submitted for some reason. Not sure why. Must have accidently clicked or something.
You using a laptop? I can believe that if you're using a laptop, I used to do it all the time until I figured out how to turn off the mousepad.
01/05/2013 01:01 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
When I hit the spacebar it submitted for some reason. Not sure why. Must have accidently clicked or something.
Blizzard is trollin' you.

IC: The room was empty of life, only a dead security officer in this little abode. Nothing was working for some reason, the communication network was done. It was possible that the power could've been knocked out, for there are the emergencies on.
I am using a laptop and no, blizzard has nothing to do with this, haha xD
*My head turns upside down in a 180 Degree angle*
Or does it?
I review the files of the team I was being put with to complete the mission. Officially, the mission was to investigate the ship's disappearance and rescue the crew, but I had other orders: Capture the crew to be mind-wiped, along with the troops I was with.
Satisfied, I put the files away mentally, and wait for my transport to arrive.
CR, lol.


William reached his hand out and touched the purple goop. It was... Organic? He looked up with a scowl. A face he hadn't changed since things went to hell on the ship.

"Hello!?" He shouted through the corridor.


Again, hear me if you choose.
IC: I was scrubbing furiously at the floors as I tried to keep everything nice and clean. It was the only skill I could really lend to my fellow surviovers in the armory. I was using even more chemicals than I normally did considering how that slime those aliens spread loves dirty- nasty areas and wanted to make sure that it would fizzle if it ever got here (as long as I didnt accidentally kill anyone with the fumes).
I come around the corner, my .50 caliber rifle I'm hand behind my back. I have a knife oin my other hand.

"What the f*ck is that?" I say pointing my knife at it.
Keira shakes her head as the man was cleaning. "What the hell are you doing? What good is a clean floor?" She places the dirty cloth in her pocket and start look at her suit to make sure it would work well.

"Koro, in case you did not notice, I took a shot at making a Protoss."
After receiving no answer, William retreated back into his quarters. With shaky hands he gathered everything he held dear and stuffed them in every pocket of his cargo pants. Holding the needler snug in his hands he ventured out of his quarters, picked a random direction and started for the armory. If he was going to survive this, more ammo would be necessary.
I stop him, one hand on his chest. I decide to scan his mind considering he was in shock at the moment probably.

I see what had happened. New life? Why are they hostile?

"Do you know, where anyone else is? Who is alive?" I ask him.
I reply to the dumb lady "A clean living space means that disease willl not spread and everyone has seen that sludge those creatures spread." I shiver at the thought and go back to scrubbing.

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