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"Not the case with me. I attracted some attention to myself and I was taken at 9ish. I wanted to get away from my rich, greedy, family. I prefer a life of killing and destruction, over prissy balls and easy tickets out with money. It sickens me." I spit at the thought of my family.

"Some people are just born insane."
"You are really crazy. Ever try being poor with a mom thats sick as a dog!!!!"
"No. Ever kill 492 people, and never forget their names, lives, memories, faces and their last thoughts as you killed them yourself? If you're trying to sound like you've been through a lot... You're barkin' up the wrong tree..."
What did I miss? Anything pertain to me?
OOC: We're in the room with the crying woman, Zarkun's char is checkin up on her now.
Damn.... I was going to setup and ambush with her....

IC: Abyss walked slowly, never dragging his feet like the others have been doing. Being drawn to the sound like a dog and a can.


Sol was still busy on the computer.... To no avail, maybe she should find.... 'help.'
OOC: I know, thats why i wanted to wait.
I had no idea...

And know all...
01/18/2013 07:25 PMPosted by Zarkun
I had no idea...

That's how it was in the last one. But oh well.... Damage has been done... And to bad that gal shall suffer a terrible fate.
I was going to do something really effed up anyways XD
"Wait, you wanted to be a ghost yet when I tell you how rough my life has been your come back is that being a ghost is miserable!?!"
"I never said that. Just that some things, are pretty damn hard. And well, it was either an easy life of greed and misery, or a life of a Ghost. Killing and darkness. I prefer Killing and darkness."
I look at the two. "Knock it off! You'll draw them here with all that noise."
I'm sorry, what noise are you talking about? My voice echoes in everyones heads.
"Yeah those monsters sure are ruthless. Those things have no soul. Its just kill kill kill." I look at Jane who was giving me a "Im gonna slit your throat" look. "I didn't mean you!!!" "Just shut up dickweed." she replied venomously
I glare at the Ghost. "Smart @ss."
I smirk.

"And, Jane. You know he's just trying to regain your trust again. I mean... This guy's just a Janitor and just became a Marine. Cut him a bit of slack.

Or not, I don't care just stop talking."
IC Jane: "Like I need more noise in my head with all the chatter about the Swarm, different people that they have mauled, and something about becoming... perfect being in our I mean their grasp. Also it doesn't matter that we talk, they can always sense me and see through me occasionally as I can ocassionally see what they see."
"Well... Sh!t... The thought doesn't count anymore but... still... We should stop wasting air."

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