The Outbreak: Revived

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"We should stop wasting time. We need to get her, and move on. Quickly."
"I'm not sure. Her mind is in shock so I'm not sure if she's infected or not..."
I could hear their screeches and look at Korozain. "I'd rather take my chances with one than a swarm of them."
The screeching became loud enough for Abyss to hear, peeking his head.... He ran off towards it all.


Sol had finished... Why did she have to do it? There was no other option... Or was there?
I sigh, "True. Lets go."
IC Jane: Suddenly the knapsack starts shaking and I see the cat yowl angrly. I see that their is also a bottle of water in their and I let the cat drink it before taking a big swig.
"Please, don't let that thing make anymore noises... Or it's bate."
"Why, they already know our exact positions and he was just thirsty!!" Bothe me and the james fellow said at the exact same time.
"Its not the fact that I think they will hear us. It's the fact that it annoys me." I start walking towards the door.
IC James: "Well he can warn us when they are about to attack."
"A cat... It's- F*ck it. I won't start this right now."

I remember why I stopped talking to other people... Idiocy, or ignorance is all I hear...
"So what do we do now?" I ask, examining my gun. You can never make sure it's loaded enough times.
"Resume our trek for the bridge, maybe run a scan and see if we can gauge the magnitude of this...goop."
"What is it anyways? I want to take a sample for my suit's computer but... I don't want to..."
"No idea, but I've seen those infected ones come out of it. Maybe it carries the virus?"
"Not sure. I want to analyze it. But I have no idea what it is... Let's just keep going. The Bridge isn't too far.
I nod and start walking again, noting the sudden quiet. "Hell, I hate when they get like this. It's never a good sign."
Around the next corner. The goo fills the halls, and its filled with infected and the Hounds.

They even got some of the Marines.

I see it, then immediately turn back. "Sh!t..."
William shushed him. "They probably have bionic ears, but even if they didn't we are loud enough to wake up a bear."
I stop them and look at Korozain. "Why did even the Ghost turn around quickly?"

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