The Outbreak: Revived

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I send them all the image of the horde ahead, trying to keep quiet.
"Would you stay out of my head!?" William whispered angrily, keeping his pistol leveled.
"No. Ask again and I'll never leave, plus I'm trying to be quite so we don't alert them ANY MORE."

I say to them all telepathically.
William rolled his eyes and shook his head. Ghosts...
"I heard that."
"Right... Ugh..."
"Anyways. Keira... You still got those 'nades, right? We'll need those and some fire. William, Jake, stand behind Keira and make sure nothing gets within 5 meters of her. I'll get rid of the Infected Marines, so we don't have to worry about bullets. Jane, James... Try not to die."
Jack speaks up, mentally of course. What do you need from me?
William almost responded vocally, but then remembered they were trying to be quiet, so he nodded in the dim light.
"Make sure those @ss-hats don't touch Keira, or anyone else."
Smokin'. He steps up next to Keira and I load a round into the chamber quietly.
Keira nods and makes sure the grenade launchers were fastened to her shoulders. She smiles and prepares to have them fired off. The fire rate may end up being slow, but the devastation would be large.
I cloak and I am no longer seen. 5 shots are heard in rapid succession. "GET IN POSITION! THEY'RE COMIN'!"

They start charging, we have about 3 seconds. And 4.5 before they breach our choke point.
Jack steps out and ignites his throwers, the goop strangely catching fire with ease. Reavis takes my spot as I assist in holding back the pack. "Keira, move!"
OOC: Wait a minute... Wasn't Avikon in this?
I haven't seen Avikon in...who knows how long.
He signed up then disappeared.
I figure he'll probably come back when we've finished :/
Keira starts firing the grenades as the first beast shows its face. "DIE F*CKERS!"

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