The Outbreak: Revived

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I open fire with my pistol and SMG. The infected move slowly, but the hounds make their way closer. Their numbers seemingly endless.

The worst happens...

3 Serpents emerge from the vents.
IC Jane: I cringe as I watch the Creep burn, the substance me and my brethren often use for nourishment and as if the thought aroused it my body cramped up, apparently needing the nutrients the subtance gives me and I lean against the wall "!@#$!!" I mutter and pain racks my body.

IC: I spot the serpent like ones and pop out my bayonet, leaping up and spearing ones head, filling it full of holes before pulling out my rifle and firing on the other two.
As the Serpentine things come from the vents I start aiming my Flamethrowers at them and prepare to burn them while the grenade launchers continue targeting the horde of beasts.
IC James: Seeing the gore of the creatures made my stomach do a flip flop and I grumble "Aww nuts." before moving away as far as I can from the others before puking all over the walls. "I told you I hate gore" I mutter before fainting.
I launch a wave of psionic energy. The blast wipes out the little ones, and the Serpents hold their heads and bleed like the other one did. I pass out from the energy it took to launch it.

While my effort was accountable, there were still more hounds and a few infected.
I spot the two downed men and curse. Pulling a shredder grenade from the pouch, I toss it into the horde on the other side of the flames and let it blow, watching them come apart and then use my bayonet again, slamming it into the chest of one while firing my pistol into the head of the other, killing them both. Then I pull out the plasma rifle. "MOVE!" Jack leaps to one side and I fire, killing a large chunk of them by reducing them to piles of ash and burned husks.

OOC: Mecha, are you completely ignoring the basic human survival instincts on purpose or in ignorance?
Only a few stragglers are left. They scurry into the vents, or try to and get burned to a crisp.
OOC: Dude its like a phobia of blood and gore. Also Jane does need the creep but she can still do things its just painful.

IC Jane: I see Janes and grumble to myself "Dumbass." before I shakily got to my feet, sweet beeding my head and I dragged the man over to safer position. "Hate to tell it to you guys but this one has fainted and I think I need that goo stuff or as they call it "Creep", they use it as a source of nourishment so you're gonna have to get me some of it or just a lot of food."
Putting the plasma rifle back on my back, I put rounds into the last few stragglers and check on Korozain while Reavis checks on James, confirming Jane's diagnosis. He scoffs. "Guys a wuss." I nod and gently shake Korozain.

"Hey, wake up. They're dead." I then address Jane. "You'll have to find more once we reach the Bridge."

OOC: Phobias don't exist in a primal instinct. That is both blatant and ignorant ignoring of BASIC INSTINCT. Use your brain.
OOC: ... I dont think... destroying creep does anything to the zerg, and I dont THINK they physically consume it or anything, they just... Stand on it.
OOC: Woops. Well its like a shock since all he has really been doing is running. he will man up

01/19/2013 09:39 PMPosted by Korozain
OOC: ... I dont think... destroying creep does anything to the zerg, and I dont THINK they physically consume it or anything, they just... Stand on it.

It doesnt she just doesnt like it being destroyed since its what the Zerg consume when their are no yummy Terran snacks running around ;D
My nose bleeds some, and I cough up some blood and awaken. "God dammit. That hurt..." I slowly get up and wipe the blood from my mouth and nose.

"I need to rest for a little bit. Launching teek/teep waves takes a lot out of me."
I nod and motion for Reavis and Jack to take up watch positions. "We can keep watch for a bit."
IC Jane: "Do you have anything to eat at all as it could stave the pain off for a bit. While I don't have as high a metabolism of some of my brethren the new body needs more intake and I havnt had any."
"We weren't expecting something lengthy, so we didn't bring rations with us. However," I point at the ground beneath us, "There's still plenty of purple goo beneath us."
OOC: Im going to bed
IC: "I don't expect you'll have a cup so hands will have to do. Normally I think all I would have to is stand on it but I have been off it a while so here goes nothing." I say as I cup my hands and scoop it up. As I tip it for it to flow into my mouth the normally thick liquid seemed happy to flow into my mouth. It tasted pretty gross though my gag relex did not go off and my headache actually started to go away as if it was magic. "Damn it actually worked!!"
"Like it or not, girly, you're one of them now, even if you're in control."

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