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William wiped the scowl off his face and pressed a button on his gun. The magazine slid free and William replaced it with another.

"What the !#@$ are these things?" He asked, examining one from a good distance away.
"Aliens... They seem to be different breeds, and I think there are more to come... This goo stuff... It seems to be alive..."
Jack preps his throwers and I shake my head. "Like it or not, she needs the stuff, so we can't get rid of too much of it."
OOC: When are the toss coming on in????

IC Jane: "No dip sherlock of course it's alive, have you seen the way it grows. Also the reason i got reborn was becauuse I got stuck in it."
I nod. "See, proves my point. That stuff carries the virus."
As Abyss drew near... He locked onto that woman he heard earlier.... She had been crying it sounds to be... More than one of them.


Sol left the room... Checking her weapon for any signs of gunk or anything notorious that could keep it from firing.
I kept watch down the north hall, the woman we'd found resting on a patch of goop free hall. "Fire seems to keep it away."
OOC: Did we seriously just use 3 pages for a fight scene? Holy sh!t... I think Chapter 1 will have like 3 parts before we actually get to chapter 2.
You're going to have a chapter 2?
OOC: I'm going as far as I can with this. The next part (When we escape the ship) will be similar to the last one, but not exactly the same.

But, that may take longer because we barely made it to the bridge, and we're almost done with this thread.
Indeed...we'll see. Also, you might want to read my critique of your story.
And I still need to devise my devilishly plan.... Still in need of work though.
My answer has been posted.
Replied. Also...when is Abyss going to arrive?
He'll arrive... Soon.... Planning on how I should do it... Maybe with a horde of Lings?
Nah, they'd get toasted.
The voice speaks to me again.

You, are a true warrior. Let the Swarm empower you. And you can have what you truly desire...

"No... Go away God DAMMIT!"
I look at Korozain. "Voice again?"
"Yes. Jane... Do you know what... The Overmind is?"
My eyes bug out "The... the Overmind has spoken to you. He is the leader of the Swarm, probably the most powerful Psi user in the universe. He has lead the Swarm since they had been crafted by "them".

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