The Outbreak: Revived

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I shake my head and return to watching the halls. Psionics...bloody weirdos...
Groaning could be heard down a hallway... As Abyss made himself as bait and a trap. Learning how to hide his infested features.


Sol had been near a flight of stairs leading down... Now was time to find a way out of this hell hole.

In the distance....
I hear the groaning and shake my head. "Hell, this is getting old. It's too close to the bridge and too convenient. Not a good thing..."
OOC: Who was the girl crying???

OOC: I completely forgot about the crying girl...
"They were the ones who fashioned the Swarm as a part of a cycle for something but the Overmind decided to break this cycle and kill the creators. Ever since the Swarm has been on a quest for perfection. Their names are not discllosed to me."
"Interesting. Now I have something to think about... C'mon guys, lets go." I get up and inhale deeply.
I look him over. "You aren't in good shape. If we could...nah, not until we find everyone we can."
OOC: The girl????

IC "Just curious but were will I go after we get off his place????"

OOC: how long till da toss come in
"I think I should be fine." I stumble backwards and hit the wall. "Okay, nevermind..."
Recap? I can see I missed a lot more then just a few pages :\
!@#$ed up the zerg. I used a mind blast to wipe a few of em out, im tired. Jane told us a bit about the Zerg and the Overmind (which spoke to me again).

Didnt miss too much. And we forgot about the crying girl.
IC James: The world suddenly starts to flood back to me and I groaned. "Did you guys kill em???"
"Yes. No casualties except my endurance..."
"So when do we push on? Are you going to turn back, Korozain?" William asked, keeping his eyes glued to the vents.
"Turn back? Why?"
IC Jane: "Ummmm I answered your question so answer mine. Also what about the girl???"
"We give him a chance to rest for another hour. Something tells me these things don't like the flame. We can't turn back anyways."
*sighs* "Hey military dudes, tell me what will I do after I get to civilazation as I have started to poner on it and the end result seems to be being dissected by Confederetes."
I sigh, looking at the picture of my family that I kept in my visor. "I don't think any of us can go back. Not after seeing what we've seen here. We go our own ways."

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